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2020 Is At Hand

Jawbreakers! The year is nearly at its end, and another successful one for Jawbreaker Records. Five heavy tape releases were forged in the Jawbreaker furnaces during the year (Mindless Sinner, Mortal Whisper, Total Inferno, Aquilla and Booze Control) and orders broke all records thanks to you maniacs! 2020 will start off at full speed at high level with some must-have releases to be announced soon.

However, some things are bound to change slightly for the worse. On January 1st 2020, the Swedish postal service will raise their prices dramatically, and shipping fees will unfortunately have to change for orders made through correspondingly. Shipping inside Sweden will be increased by nearly 20% and international shipping fees will increase by roughly 10%. Hopefully you will all continue to find the prices on the actual products here modest enough to don’t let the increased shipping prices defer you from placing an order. You can’t stop steel!

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Booze Control – Forgotten Lands

A new release has just come out of the Jawbreaker furnaces: Forgotten Lands by German heavy metal band Booze Control. This tape contains 10 songs of glorious heavy metal that brings their fellow Germaniacs of Stormwitch and Scanner to mind.

This is the fourth album by Booze Control, and also said to be their last, marking the climax of their 10 year long career.

Limited to 100 copies (25 copies on Axeman Orange tape and 75 copies on Forgotten Green tape). Order now while stock lasts!

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Saviors of the Universe

Do you like science fiction? Do you like heavy metal? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you should definitely check out Aquilla.

This band of young, hungry and passionated musicians hails from Poland, Earth and their new EP Saviors of the Universe has just been released on Jawbreaker Records. The EP tells the story of humanity escaping Earth in a desperate search for a new home and three songs of fist-pumping heavy metal with top class high pitched vocals.

On the tape you will find an intro, the title track “Saviors of the Universe” and two exclusive demo tracks only available on this release. Solid heavy metal with science fiction themes. Recommended for fans of Scanner, Ambush and Enforcer. Comes with a sticker.

Limited to 100 copies and selling at hyper speed, so hurry up!

Also check out this month’s other new release on Jawbreaker Records: Total Inferno – P.E.M.F.H.

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Pure Evil Metal From Hell!

Two new Jawbreaker releases have been unleashed upon mankind. Tremble in fear!

First up is Total Inferno, that follows up the highly popular debut album Return of Evil Chaos from 2015 with an even more powerful album simply entitled P.E.M.F.H. (Pure Evil Metal From Hell).

Total Inferno hails from the same small Swedish village (Dals Långed) as Mordant and Nifelheim. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised to hear similarities to these two giants, but Total Inferno spices things up even further by mixing in a heavy dose of 80’s influenced speed metal. The results speak for themselves – a true classic for fans of any fast metal music.

You get the vinyl version from Growls From The Underground, for the cassette version you don’t have to go any further than to the web shop here at Jawbreaker Records.

Limited to 100 copies (20 copies on golden tape and 80 on dark clear tape).

Also out now is Aquilla – Saviors of the Universe (click the link to read more). Speed on maniacs!

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Out now: Mindless Sinner – Turn on the Power!

Swedish heavy metal legends Mindless Sinner need no further introduction. Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce this official re-release of the band’s groundbreaking debut album, recorded in 1984 and released in 1986. This is your chance to lay your hands on a real piece of heavy metal history. Limited to 100 copies on pink tape and 200 copies on blue tape. Never released on cassette before.

Includes 9 rare bonus tracks: 4 alternative versions of songs from the album recorded in 1986 (previously only available on the 2015 CD re-release by Eat Metal Records) and 5 demo tracks, also from 1986 (previously only available on the 2003 CD re-release by Metal For Muthas).

Tracklist, Side A:

  1. We Go Together
  2. I’m Gonna (Have Some Fun)
  3. Turn On The Power
  4. Live And Die
  5. Left Out On My Own
  6. Here She Comes Again
  7. Standing On The Stage
  8. Voice Of The Doomed
  9. Tears Of Pain

Tracklist, Side B:

  1. I’m Gonna Have Some Fun*
  2. Here She Comes Again*
  3. Turn On The Power*
  4. Left Out On My Own*
  5. Rock And Roll Man**
  6. A Long Time Ago**
  7. Time Of Pleasure**
  8. Step Into The Fire**
  9. Point Below Zero**

* Alternative Version (1986)
** Demo (1986)

Just like last year’s tape release of Master of Evil has this release been made possible due to a collaboration with Night Crawler, who has contributed the awesome layout. Horns up!

Out now on Jawbreaker Records!

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