Dwindling Spirit Crusher



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Dungeon Synth

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Dwindling Spirit Crusher was recorded between June – August 2023 in Brighton UK. All music was written and recorded by Coedwig using layers of keyboards/ midi synths. Coedwig was originally created as an atmospheric black metal project, but after a year of daily dungeon synth listening (predominantly in the early hours working a warehouse job) it began to take on a different form.
“It felt only natural that this style was to appear on record first. The choice to use a Welsh name, translating to “forest” in English, was due to my continuous admiration of the North Welsh countryside/woodlands, which I visit frequently to see family and escape from the city”.Coedwig’s minimal forest synth compositions set out to illustrate the mystical and enchanting nature of the vast landscapes of the Welsh countryside and woodlands. Although seemingly simple these melodies are filled with a deep sense of foreboding, and an overwhelming feeling of the unknown somewhere off at the distance edge of an endless journey. Whilst portraying this surrounding environment Coedwig has in equal parts captured the crushing, powerless feeling of being encompass within it.