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Mechanic Tyrants and Jawbreaker Records join forces

Mechanic Tyrants were formed in 2021, first as a side project but soon evolved into the four members’ main band. In 2022 the EP “Meanhattan” hit like a tactical nuke, with a string of successful live shows and consequently wrecked venues following. Now in 2024, the speed metal guerrilla from Nuremberg is finally ready to unleash their debut album and Jawbreaker Records are more than excited to be taking care of the release. Expect a speed metal masterpiece infused with plenty of technical riffs and classic heavy metal vibes.

More details regarding the album release will be revealed next week, so stay tuned!

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Jawbreaker Records 10 Years Anniversary!

Time flies, Jawbreakers, and it is now 10 years since the release of the very first tape (Stormdeath’s Promodeath EP) on Jawbreaker Records. As we now enter the second decade of Jawbreaker’s existence, it is time to announce a change of strategy that has slowly matured over the years. The new strategy will lead to a slightly more slimmed down roster of bands, but in return we will be able to work much more closely and long-term with every artist on the label. In addition to this we will continue to do occasional handpicked standalone releases as well, but to a much lesser degree than in the past. The label’s musical focus will be even more centered around Heavy Metal and Speed Metal – in my personal opinion the purest forms of heavy music. To mark this change, we are hereby happy to present our new logotype, carefully crafted by Turborock Productions.

To give a taste of what the future has to offer, we are also proud to unveil two new releases that have just been put up for pre-order. One is the opening demo by a multitalented young starshot Speed Metal artist with a bright future ahead of him. The other new release is an exclusive version of an old and beloved 80s classic. Together, these two releases gives a good overview of the new direction we hope to take Jawbreaker in over the next 10 years and beyond.

MANACE is a Heavy/Speed metal entity consisting on this demo solely of one young and hungry maniac by the name of Marlon – a personal friend of mine and a dedicated maniac that I believe has a bright future ahead. The music of MANACE must be likened to the glorious master era of U.S. Metal, not as a carbon copy, but by finding paths into new territory in the same way as the legendary acts of the 80s did. The result is an intricate and flowing musical landscapes of mindbending loops and powerful hooks that should delight any fans of Savage Grace, Omen, Warlord or Chastain.

The other new release is nothing less than the first ever official cassette release of TRÖJAN and their 1985 masterpiece Chasing the Storm. A timeless classic of brilliant Power/Speed/Heavy Fucking Metal from the U.K.!

Both these tapes are now up for pre-order at – together with the first ever Jawbreaker t-shirts, of corpse bearing the new logo.

Thank you for the past decade, Jawbreakers! Your support means so much to me, and I don’t mean simply in economical terms. I have made so many friends, gotten so many smiles and handshakes all over the world, sometimes a beer or a demo tape…. This is what makes all the hard work so worth it! THANK YOU, JAWBREAKERS! As we march together into the unknown times of the future, remember this: As long as we stand united, we shall never fall! Long live the underground!!!

Gustav “G.G.” Sundin
Head of Jawbreaker Records

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Iron Curtain – Savage Dawn

Spain’s Heavy/Speed/Thrash Metal titans Iron Curtain have released a staggering five albums in twelve years. Savage Dawn is the latest and greatest, of which you will now be able to own on a glorious tape edition, courtesy of Jawbreaker Records.

As one might ascertain from the album cover, this record is going to be a savage opus of pure metallic steel, forged in the old school fires but with plenty of revitalised and relentless energy to stand on its own two feet. Maniacs old and new can be sucked into this raging inferno of d-beats, bombastic low end grooves, piercing riffs and malicious vocals. The entire band rip out that kind of classic viciousness that pulls the organs into a tight clench as you surge toward the stage for power-amps to melt your face off. Although rabidly intense, there is melody and nuance to these songs which while primitively fist-pounding is a totally valid response, you can hear the craftsmanship of a band whose lengthy years of hard work have paid off to make the masterful songwriters.

Those blisteringly tight melodies and sledgehammer-like hooks really ought to speak for themselves, but don’t take our word for it alone, hit the play button and you will not hit stop before the end. If any of you do, Iron Curtain will come for you! Devilishly clever and fiendishly fierce, each moment on this album is a high-octane adrenaline surge that shows no mercy for the weakened state of some modern metal, giving the real die-hards some sleazy poser-sacrificer anthems to wreak havoc to. The consistent energy of the record is not one which stagnates, as the unrelenting and boundless energy does not rely on itself alone and can fall back on the simple fact Iron Curtain write a supremely enjoyable, catchy and fierce Heavy Metal anthem that will grab you by the jugular at any given moment and never let go…

Regular edition limited to 150 copies on silver tape.

Deluxe edition limited to 50 copies on gold tape, and comes with a 6×9 cm woven patch.

Both versions come with a digital download code.

Expected release date: Second half of May, 2024.

Pre-order open now!

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Writhen Hilt is coming on vinyl

Jawbreakers! Due to the massive (and justified) interest in Writhen Hilt’s debut EP Ancient Sword Cult, we are hereby happy to announce that a glorious vinyl edition will be released this summer. The pre-order is open now so head straight over to the shop section if you are into old school and epic Heavy Metal. Limited to 200 copies on gold vinyl and 500 copies on black vinyl.

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Jawbreaker Records join forces with Tumenggung

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with TUMENGGUNG from Indonesia for the release of their upcoming full length album. This powerful metal force has been defending the faith since 2007 and plays uncompromising Heavy Metal with the strongest of hooks. Based on the advance demos we have heard so far, we can safely say that the upcoming album will blow all their previous works completely out of the water. Fans of Thundersteel-era Riot, Judas Priest, RAM or Ambush – stand prepared as TUMENGGUNG is coming to blow you away later this year!

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Meurtrier – Le Visage Du Mal

Meurtrier spawn forth, a new entity of Heavy and Speed Metal triumph presented by Jawbreaker Records. Le Visage Du Mal is the Canadians first EP of raging, melodious and spectral Killer Metal. Strap in for a killer time!

Like a hammer of pure iron might, Meurtrier pound on the anvil of true Heavy Metal. Their blazon brand of crushing riffs, dominant percussion and haunting vocals blend into a mystical and enchanting web of eerie spectres conjured to life. Blisteringly tight lead guitar work and an atmosphere that King Diamond might lend an inspiration to, this band have that rare ability to craft a real universe you can step into. The harmonies and progressions will surely pull in any true headbanger for more, but don’t take our word for it, allow this mysterious entity to possess you for yourself!

As we delve further into this unconventional release, the mix of blasting drums and gallops gives us an intense and powerful backdrop to the mesmerising guitar and vocal mix, which is otherworldly and gorgeously delivered. The unpolished grittiness coupled with melodic soundscapes of Heavy Metal thunder will definitely convince most ears that this is a lost gem of yesteryear, in the best possible way. In a world dominated by repetition, Meurtrier are a breath of fresh air that still upholds the pillars of true metallic craftsmanship, old school and yet inimitable. The blend of tradition and forging ones own path is presented in perfect harmony here as this wonderful new band carve their place in the annals the Heavy Metal underground.

White tape limited to 50 copies, black tape limited to 150 copies.

Release date: 20 April 2024.

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Jawbreaker Records joins forces with Speedrush

We are very excited to announce that we have inked a deal with Speedrush from Greece to release their second full length album on all formats later this year.

Speedrush were formed in Athens, Greece in 2005 with a mission to play traditional Speed and Thrash Metal (yes, the old-school, stubborn way!). The debut full length album “Endless War” was released in 2017, and has been followed by many gigs in Greece and abroad, both on festivals and in support of legendary acts such as Razor, Tankard, Coroner, Necronomicon, Sinister and Legion of the Damned. Now as the work on the group’s second album is nearing completion, Speedrush are more than ready to summon the metalheads and speedfreaks from all over the world in their quest of unleashing Speed Metal mayhem to the masses.

Stay tuned for more news!

Speedrush are:

  • Nir Beer – Vocals
  • Nick Ratman – Guitars
  • Tasos P. – Guitars
  • Andreas DD – Drums
  • Spiros S. – Bass
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Templar – Black Knight

Sweden’s mythological Heavy Metal newcomers Templar gives us their Black Knight debut demo, and Jawbreaker Records are ready to present this first conquest to the world through the only proper format for such a release – cassette.

The raw charm of glisteningly mystical guitars and earth-shattering bass is a definitively epic combination. Add to this some crazed, cymbal-heavy drumming and wailing vocals and you have the formula for some glorious Heavy Metal music. Melody and grit coexist in an enchanting and fantastical space that will appeal to the underground lovers of something a bit more rough around the edges but showing the huge potential of a young band with great songs. The catchy choruses and wild verses plough forth in a most intense and gripping manner that is a great joy to behold.

Across five tracks (an intro and four full songs), there is plentiful excitement and dynamics to keep you surging alongside this energetic band. From Steve Harris worshipping bass lines to electric shredding, the furious and unpolished passion of Templar is definitely going to win you over on this demo which serves the purpose of planting their flag prior to world domination. A riveting medieval atmosphere and wonderful musicianship is surely something no headbanger will turn away from. Fall at the sword of the black knight…

Limited to 100 copies on white tape and 100 copies on black tape.

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Trastorned – Into the Void

Ever since forming in 2009, Trastorned have unleashed a killer array of demos and most notably their debut album, Into the Void. Jawbreaker Records will now be giving this contemporary cult Chilean classic a tape edition.

Much like many of their countrymen, these maniacs draw a range of influences from the more extreme end of Thrash Metal. Be it German, American or even South American, the horde of violent raging barbarity fire on all cylinders and worship the gods of old. Blasphemous brutality is unleashed with its blackened edge from the very earlier seconds of this record with its thunderous bass guitar, ripping rhythm and lacerating leads. The punk-tinged vocals add further attitude to the hellfire, meanwhile the drums are utterly relentless. If you like your Thrash Metal crazed and hungry for violence, then search no further, Trastorned have you covered!

For the entire (if short) running time, these lunatics ensure you will bang or be banged by true metallic fury. Of course being a South American band, they somehow harness the most bestial extremity and equally traditional elements in a perfect harmony of heinous heaviness, crushing all weakness with their pulverising sound of destruction. Perhaps some wimps were harmed in the making of this beast, but whatever the cost, it is worth it to rage with Trastorned on Into The Void and feel the 80s cult come alive on cassette format, just the way such killer music should be heard. Witness the melodies, stomps, hysteria and total mayhem be invoked as the tape player spits out total venom…

Red tape limited to 50 copies, blue tape limited to 150 copies.