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Savaged: Brand new H.M. from Spain

The pre-order has now opened for the debut cassette single from Spain’s newest rock stars; Savaged. Limited to 100 copies (30 copies on Knightly White tape and 70 copies on Heavy Metal Red tape). Two tracks of fast heavy metal that will blow your head off!

Listen here

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Rising: Swedish H.M. from 1983

Formed in 1980, Rising from Vänersborg is one of the forgotten gems from the golden era of Swedish Heavy Metal. The band never released any full-length album, but managed to deliver an onslaught of demo tapes and 7″ singles throughout the 80’s.

In 1983, the band organized their first full tour, and the final show in their home town was recorded professionally. These recordings have only been collecting dust until now though, but thanks to this upcoming release from Jawbreaker Records the world will finally have the chance to hear this live concert for the first time!

This must-have tape of pure live Swedish Heavy Metal also comes with liner notes from original drummer Lars Berger. Limited to 200 copies (50 on silver tape and 150 on black tape). Available to a special price during the pre-order!

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Guilliotino tapes out now!

Finally the Guilliotino tapes have arrived!

The mail-man with the Iron Maiden tattoos who delivered the tapes to the Jawbreaker HQ got the first copy, all remaining pre-orders will be shipped on Monday morning at 09:00. So the special pre-order discount will be valid until then – hurry up and order, be quick or be dead.

The Mystic Storm tapes arrived already last week, so those are available for shipping as well. Well met Jawbreakers and stay true out there!

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Mystic Storm and Guilliotino tapes delayed

Unfortunately both the Mystic Storm tapes and the Guilliotino tapes got stuck at the border and were returned to the factory. The release will therefore be a few weeks delayed, current expected release date is mid/late July.

The good news are that the special pre-sale offer will be valid for a few weeks more, so make sure to grab these tapes will the price is low!

Cheers and thanks for your patience.


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Pre-order for Guilliotino tapes open now!

Guilliotino is descending down with breakneck speed! The pre-order for this malicious release has opened so be sure to grab one now. In the vein of ancient Sepultura and Kreator, and present day Antichrist, “CONJURATION” will be your guide to the final blade.

Limited to 200 copies, 150 on clear orange tape and 50 on yellow/blue tape (special Swedish flag edition).

Listen here!

To hear what Guilliotino have to say about the EP in their own words, head over to Filthy Dogs of Metal to read the first ever interview with the band.

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Pre-order for Mystic Storm tapes open now!

Mystic Storm’s highly anticipiated debut album Из хаоса древних времен (From the Ancient Chaos) is finally here on tape!

Mystic Storm hails from St. Petersburg, Russia, and plays a unique style of thrash mixed up with ultra heavy Bolt Thrower riffs, powerful vocals and wild speed metal melodies. This might be the best underground album to surface during 2021.

The album will also be out on LP later this year (scheduled for an October release) – also on Jawbreaker Records!

This tape version is limited to 135 copies on deadly black tape, 50 copies on blood red tape and just 15 copies on mystic green tape.

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Release schedule 2021

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the upcoming Jawbreaker releases (thanks everyone for the interest!). With the pandemic still ongoing in many countries, it’s hard to give exact release dates as there might be delays in both production and delivery times. But here are the best guesses currently:

  • Mystic Storm – From the Ancient Chaos (cassette): June 2021
  • Guilliotino – Conjuration (cassette): June 2021
  • Rising – Long Way Tour: Live in Sweden 1983 (cassette): ???
  • Mystic Storm – From the Ancient Chaos (LP): October 2021
  • Tyrannosatan – Katakombernas Kakofoni (LP+cassette): November 2021

Pre-orders for the June releases will open soon. For the other releases, each pre-order will open as soon as I am confident about the release date. Furthermore, there are a bunch of really cool releases in the pipeline which I hope I can announce soon. Thanks for your patience and continued support! Long live the underground!

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Guilliotino EP Coming Soon

Out soon on Jawbreaker Records! Guilliotino plays killer metal of the best kind. Listen to the first of many hits from this record at the band’s Bandcamp page.

Currently there are long production delays globally due to the still ongoing pandemic, but things seem to have started moving again. So hopefully this cassette (which will be limited to 200 copies) will be ready to unleash soon. Stay tuned for pre-ordering information!

Epic flyer designs by the mighty Eric Björklund.

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Jawbreaker’s first LP release out soon!


I’m very excited to announce that the very first LP release on Jawbreaker Records will be coming later this year. The band in question is no other than St.Petersburg’s own MYSTIC STORM – a heavy, thrashing, furious and razor sharp metal assault.

Those who dare can listen to the first track of the album here:

Mystic Storm’s debut album “Из хаоса древних времен” (“From the Ancient Chaos“) will be unleashed on LP and cassette on Jawbreaker Records as well as a special limited cassette edition on Reforestation Records.

More information regarding pre-orders will come later. Stay tuned, stay true, and never forget to support the underground.