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Razorvoid – Terror in Time

Jawbreaker Records and Mercenary Press are proud to announce the co-release of Razorvoid‘s new EP Terror In Time on cassette tape and digital formats.

Razorvoid was formed in 2021, generated from the members mutual passion for old school death metal, d-beat, punk and heavy metal. Since then, 7 songs have been released digitally and on a self released cassette, they played support for Kill, had a sold out debut gig together with Tøronto and now they’re unveiling the rapid thrash attack that is their new EP Terror In Time.

Terror In Time was recorded during the spring of 2023 by the band themselves. 5 songs that reek of power, thrash and dystopia. Just like the band want’s it. The EP was mixed by the legendary Tomas Skogsberg of Sunlight Studios and mastered by Frida Claeson Johansson at Svenska Grammofonstudion.

Prepare yourself for a rapid thrashing attack! Live fast, don’t take it easy!


  1. Midnight Siege
  2. The Reaper
  3. Nocturnal Lust
  4. Terror in Time
  5. Savage Messiah

Limited to 100 copies on white tape and 100 copies on black tape. Both versions come with a digital download code.

Terror in Time will be out on Friday the 13th October, 2023.

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Species – To Find Deliverance

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the release of SpeciesTo Find Deliverance on cassette tape.

Species is a technical thrash metal trio from Warsaw, Poland. Since the band’s inception in 2018 they have released an EP (The Monument of Envy) in 2019 and now their debut full-length album To Find Deliverance. Highly recommended listening for fans of Coroner, Toxik, Sadus, Xentrix, Vektor, and Death.

Limited to 50 copies on orange tape and 150 copies on blue tape. Both versions come with a digital download code.

Recorded and mixed by Igor Brzeski at Sunstorm Studio, Warsaw between January and September 2021. Mastered by Joel Grind.

Also available on CD via Awakening Records and on Vinyl LP via Ossuary Records.

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Jawbreaker Records joins forces with MUSTANG!

Jawbreaker Records joins forces with MUSTANG from India. Mustang plays high octane Heavy Metal in the vein of the old masters and with vocals on par with the best US Metal singers from the 80s.

Jawbreaker Records will take care of the cassette edition of the debut album “Beyond Raging Thunder” – a 10 tracks long masterpiece containing high speed bangers, mid-tempo riff explosions, epic power ballads, and topped off with a outstanding cover of Judas Priest’s “Ram it Down”. Mustang surely didn’t play safe on their debut album, taking bold risks which is showcased by the vast soundscape of music covered on “Beyond Raging Thunder”.

In the words of label boss G.G. Sundin: “Speed metal furies and sing along bangers? Oh yeah! For the fans of Judas Fucking Priest, Mercyful Fate, Agent Steel and Crimson Glory? Fuck yes! Ram it Down cover!?!! Hell yeah!!”

Stay tuned for more info, and also keep a look out for the CD version out on Fighter Records and the vinyl version on Golden Core.

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Wizards – Тайный Мрак Грядущих Дней (The Secret Gloom of Days to Come)

Records are proud to announce the release of Wizards – The Secret Gloom of Days to Come on cassette tape! This is an extraordinary collection of occult and mystic sounds that will take you far away into the gloomy days to come.
The matter of this audio phenomenon was created in the winter/spring of 2022 in the mystical and mysterious heart of St. Petersburg. The recording was made in home conditions and is provided as a demo version.

Kostya (Mystic Storm) – Vocals, guitars, synth, magic
Alexander – Drums, percussions (except track 7)

Recording by Kostya.
Mixing by Kostya with the help and suggestions from Artem (Mystic Storm).
Mastering by Sergey Ivanov (Dead Enough Studio).

Listen now at Jawbreaker Records Bandcamp page.

Limited to 50 copies on orange tape and 100 copies on dark green tape.

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Acid Blade – Shooting Star

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the release of Acid Blade‘s Shooting Star EP on vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital formats.

Acid Blade is a powerful Heavy Metal outfit based in Dresden, Germany. After releasing their first demo independently in May 2021, Jawbreaker Records was responsible for the release of their debut album Power Dive in August 2022. The record was met with great reviews and a tour through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Denmark and Sweden followed shortly after the release.

There was no time to lose however, as Acid Blade clearly live by the motto “Strike while the iron is hot”! In April 2023 it was time to enter the studio again – this time with Jonny Astus, original drummer for the previous band incarnation Angel Blade, back behind the drum kit. This change led to the band sounding even more energized and even though the EP harkens back to their NWOBHM-inspired roots, the result still sounds fresh and exciting.

Acid Blade‘s sound remains raw and honest and the EP features four distinctive songs, each offering a different facet of the band’s sound. From the rapid Mercy of the Wind, to the epic Rise from the Grave (clocking in at almost 8 minutes) and the catchy Shooting Star and Weeping Willow, this EP has something for everyone and is sure to please all fans of their former material.

Shooting Star will be out on Friday the 13th October, 2023.


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Acid Force – World Targets In Megadeaths

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the release of the new album World Targets In Megadeaths by Slovakian heavy thrashers Acid Force.

Following a brief hiatus and several lineup changes, Acid Force has returned stronger than ever. The band, now consisting of Andrej Petro on guitars and vocals, Erik Leško on guitars, Federico Petrík on drums, and Juraj Ondrejmiška on bass, has expanded their sonic palette while staying true to their roots. The resulting album is a heavy load of thrashing metal fury, heavily sprinkled with melody and traditional Heavy Metal vibes, superbly delivered with a punk-metal attitude and need for speed.

Since their formation in 2014, Acid Force have slowly been carving a niche for themselves in the underground metal scene through the Towards the Nuclear Load EP (2015) and debut full length album Atrocity for the Lust (2017). The departure of previous frontman Teodor Majerík in 2019 and the global pandemic could have spelled the band’s end, but with guitarist Andrej Petro stepping up to the microphone and the addition of Juraj Ondrejmiška on bass, Acid Force have now risen again, stronger than ever before. The recording process for World Targets In Megadeaths spanned four months of intense dedication to perfecting every detail. Acid Force poured their hearts and souls into each track, meticulously crafting a collection of songs that captures their evolution and growth as musicians. The result was enough to secure them with a record deal with Swedish label Jawbreaker Records.

“What caught my attention on World Targets In Megadeaths“, says label boss G.G. Sundin, “is that is not stuck in the same old grooves that most thrash metal albums coming out nowadays are. Instead Acid Force have created a fresh mix of thrash, speed and traditional heavy metal.”

To give a glimpse of what awaits on World Targets In Megadeaths, the first single song, Praise the Atom, has just been released, accompanied by a professionally recorded music video. The single showcases the band’s renewed energy and their ability to blend ferocious riffs, thunderous drums and powerful vocals into a compelling sonic assault. Thrashers and speed freaks alike can expect an explosive and unrelenting musical experience that will leave them hungry for more!

World Targets In Megadeaths will be out on vinyl LP, music cassette, CD, and digitally on November 3, 2023.


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First pressing of Amethyst vinyls sold out!

Thank you Rock Knights!!! The first pressing of the Amethyst EP sold out in just 9 hours! But do not despair if you missed out. Either stay tuned for the second pressing (details to be announced soon) or get your copy through the band or a handful of selected underground distros such as Dying Victims, High Roller Records and the Mephisto store in Copenhagen, who will get their copies in a few weeks time.

Sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when we have the repressed version back in stock:

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Amethyst – Rock Knights: VINYL RELEASE + 3rd pressing on tape

Amethyst is the new underground sensation taking the world by storm. With 500 tapes completely sold out in record time and being booked for legendary festivals such as Muskelrock, Keep It True Rising and Chaos Descends, Amethyst seems to be the band every heavy rocker out there is listening to. Therefore we are extremely happy to finally be able to present the vinyl edition of their debut EP Rock Knights, as well as a third batch of tapes!

The band hails from Switzerland and was formed in 2020 out of the ashes of the previous band Midas Touch. Their goal is to play Heavy Metal, as it was intended by the noble elders, straight from the hearts of the band members to pierce those of the listeners. The musical inspiration comes not from a specific band in particular, but rather from the sound in general of the era between 1979 and 1981, and the spirit of said time.

Rock Knights is Amethyst‘s debut 4-song EP, out on vinyl and cassette through Jawbreaker Records.

Vinyl Edition

Amethyst‘s extremely popular Rock Knights EP finally gets its well-deserved treatment on the noblest of all formats, 12″ vinyl. Limited to 400 copies on Obsidian Black vinyl and just 100 copies on Bright Amethyst vinyl. Both editions come with a download code, lyrics sheet, sticker, and a merch sheet. Interest for this release is extremely high, so act fast if you don’t want to miss out on this heavy rocking masterpiece.

Shining Silver Tape Edition

Due to the incredibly high demand for the Amethyst tape, we are hereby happy to introduce the third pressing of the Rock Knights EP – this time on Shining Silver tape. The tape comes with a sticker and a download code.

A big thanks to all of you who already ordered the tape – it’s YOU that’s keeping the underground alive! And to all the rest out there: now you have a new chance to experience the underground sensation that is Amethyst. Mandatory listening for anyone into 1971-1981 golden era Heavy Metal.

We expect this batch to go just as fast as the two previous runs, so be quick or be dead. Available for pre-order at and now!💥

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Pile of Death – Introducing Our Impending Doom

Jawbreaker Records are proud to present Introducing Our Impending Doom, the second full-length album by Pile of Death, the Swedish power trio known for their old-school thrashing death metal. With this release, the band delivers a crushing and aggressive sound that will take you back to the glory days of metal. The album will be available in three different limited edition vinyl versions: pitch black, deathsplash red, and gascloud green. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of metal history and support the underground scene. Introducing Our Impending Doom will be unleashed in June 2023, so pre-order now and get ready for a ride into the depths of death metal madness.

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Overture – Demo 2022

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the cassette version of Overture‘s Demo 2022!

This is the first physical release from the up-and-coming and extremely talented power trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Overture (which features members from Eternal Evil) combines jawdropping musical virtuosity and musicianship with flawless song writing and a contagious young-and-hungry energy. Highly recommended for fans of Scorpions, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Rising Force, Heavy Load and Silver Mountain!

The cassette will be available in two different limited editions – 50 copies on white tape and 150 copies on black tape. Fans of the band and collectors alike will want to act fast to secure their copy of this limited release.

Both versions are available for pre-order now through, and Jawbreaker Records’ Bandcamp page. The actual release of the cassette will coincide with the band’s performance at Muskelrock later this year.

Released in conspiracy with Turborock Productions.

Listen now at Jawbreaker Records Bandcamp page.