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Pile of Death – Introducing Our Impending Doom

Jawbreaker Records are proud to present Introducing Our Impending Doom, the second full-length album by Pile of Death, the Swedish power trio known for their old-school thrashing death metal. With this release, the band delivers a crushing and aggressive sound that will take you back to the glory days of metal. The album will be available in three different limited edition vinyl versions: pitch black, deathsplash red, and gascloud green. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of metal history and support the underground scene. Introducing Our Impending Doom will be unleashed in June 2023, so pre-order now and get ready for a ride into the depths of death metal madness.

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Overture – Demo 2022

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the cassette version of Overture‘s Demo 2022!

This is the first physical release from the up-and-coming and extremely talented power trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Overture (which features members from Eternal Evil) combines jawdropping musical virtuosity and musicianship with flawless song writing and a contagious young-and-hungry energy. Highly recommended for fans of Scorpions, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Rising Force, Heavy Load and Silver Mountain!

The cassette will be available in two different limited editions – 50 copies on white tape and 150 copies on black tape. Fans of the band and collectors alike will want to act fast to secure their copy of this limited release.

Both versions are available for pre-order now through, and Jawbreaker Records’ Bandcamp page. The actual release of the cassette will coincide with the band’s performance at Muskelrock later this year.

Released in conspiracy with Turborock Productions.

Listen now at Jawbreaker Records Bandcamp page.

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Amethyst 2nd Pressing

Amethyst from Switzerland is the new underground sensation taking the world by storm. The first batch of 200 tapes sold out in no time at all, making Amethyst one of the most popular bands on the Jawbreaker roster. We are now offering those of you who missed the first run a second chance, this time with a batch of Obsidian Black tapes. Pre-order here!

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Impending Triumph signs with Jawbreaker Records

We are beyond excited to tell you that Impending Triumph has signed a record deal with Jawbreaker Records. The band’s first EP will be out on May 5th on all formats: digital, tape, CD and vinyl.

Impending Triumph is a brand new heavy metal project from metal veterans Déhà (Wolvennest, Dropdead Chaos etc.) and François (Angellore, Abduction). The upcoming self-titled debut EP delivers a powerful and passionate tribute to the genre, drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Manowar, Accept, Running Wild, and Helloween. The lyrics follow the story of Puritania, a fictional empress, and touch on the importance of free-thinking and standing one’s ground. While there are countless great and old-school sounding bands out there with amazing riffs, sadly the number of stellar vocalists is far from its peak numbers back in the glory days. That’s why François’ powerful and emphatic vocals – backed up by the equally impressive Halford-style falsettos from Déhà – immediately caught my attention. So here we have two great vocalists in the same band, packaged together with solid songwriting, eye-catching artwork, dynamic production, and an epic fantasy concept behind it all. What’s not to like?

Comments from François: “Déhà and I have met up several times between July 2020 and November 2021 to write and record new material, and we are now very impatient to share the results of these sessions with you! The whole idea behind Impending Triumph is to give a heartfelt tribute to heavy metal as a genre, as well as exploring new territories on a lyrical level and diving into the realms of heroic fantasy. Therefore, all the events depicted in our lyrics take place in a ‘sword and sorcery’ type of universe, in which we follow the exploits and conquests of Puritania, an empress who rules with an iron hand. We couldn’t think of a better label to team up with for the release of our debut EP. Jawbreaker Records shares our love and passion for traditional heavy metal and perfectly understand what Impending Triumph is all about. We are stoked and raise our glasses to celebrate the start of what will hopefully be a long and fruitful collaboration!”

On February the 17th, we will share the first single and give you all the information you might need about pre-orders and special editions. Until then… Stay metal and watch out for Puritania’s sentinels!
Cover artwork by Sebastien Grenier.
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Amethyst tapes sold out but repress is on its way!

We are thrilled to announce that the upcoming Amethyst tape Rock Knights has officially sold out, already 1 month in advance of the release! The response from fans and music enthusiasts has been overwhelming, and we could not be more thrilled with the success of this project.

However, we understand that many fans were unable to get their hands on a copy of the cassette and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy this incredible piece of old school Heavy Rock. That’s why we are happy to announce that a repress is being planned, with a release date to be confirmed soon.

In case you missed it, the official music for Chasing Shadows was released through the NWOTHM Full Albums youtube channel yesterday:

Thank you everyone for keeping the underground alive!

Feel free to sign up for the Jawbreaker Records newsletter mailing list to stay tuned for further updates as well as details on the repress:

Note: There might still be copies of the tape available through our distributors, such as Turborock Productions or Dying Victims Productions.

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Löanshark – The Gangland Tapes

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the upcoming release of The Gangland Tapes, a compilation tape featuring the whole discography of Löanshark from Spain.

Löanshark is a traditional Heavy Metal power trio from Barcelona, Spain, whose objective is to recover the glory of the bands that played the purest and most classic Heavy Metal in the first half of the 80s. To find its own sound, Löanshark is also inspired by classic speed metal, hard rock and blues. The aim of their songs is to transmit energy and badassism based on electric riffs and structures that encourage headbanging and the desire to sing along with the band’s contagious choruses.

Formed in 2011 by guitarist, singer, and main songwriter Lögan Heads, Löanshark was born from a desire to develop a more classic sound that was rejected by Heads’ previous, more speed metal oriented band Crimson Storm. In 2016, Lögan moved to Barcelona and recruited bassist Aless, with whom he began shaping the band’s sound. Together, they found drummer Ángel, completing the power trio lineup.

In early 2018, Löanshark recorded their first EP, The Warning Sessions, which received a positive reception from the local and national underground scene. The band’s live performances and subsequent singles, Midnight Shooter/Red Light Blues and Fast, Heavy, Loud ‘N’ Proud helped them gain a dedicated following.

The Gangland Tapes is a compilation of the band’s entire discography so far, consisting of 8 songs of top grade heavy/speed metal that encompasses elements of traditional heavy metal and the recent “New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal” (NWOTHM) movement, and it is a powerful statement of Löanshark‘s determination and passion for the genre. The Gangland Tapes will be out on Jawbreaker Records on 24 February 2023.

Pre-Order Now!

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Goatfyre – Goatfyre

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the upcoming release of the highly-anticipated self-titled debut album from Goatfyre.

Goatfyre formed in Gothenburg, Sweden 2019 with the intention of creating a sound that blends the raw energy of punk with the heavy riffs of metal. The result – dubbed Slaying Metal Punk – is a force to be reckoned with, especially the aggressive and commanding vocals delivered by frontwoman Åse.

The band’s self-titled debut album is a 11-track powerhouse that showcases their powerful sound at its best. From the opening track, “Riders In Black”, to the closing double-track, “Goat” / “Fyre”, Goatfyre’s debut album is a relentless assault on the senses. With its raw energy, heavy riffs, and in-your-face vocals, the album is sure to appeal to fans of all things heavy and punk.

Jawbreaker Records are excited to release Goatfyre’s debut album on cassette, a format that perfectly captures the band’s raw and unpolished sound. The cassette release is limited to 150 copies, so be sure to grab your copy before they’re gone.

Pre-Order Now!

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Acid Blade – Power Dive out today on LP


Today, Friday the 13th 2023, is the release of Acid BladePower Dive on vinyl LP. 8 songs of old school Heavy Metal in the proper style.

Unfortunately the Aquilla LPs which were also supposed to be released today are still delayed, which means that all that of you that have ordered both of these LPs will have to wait just a bit longer before your order can ship. There have been some problems from the side of the pressing plant, but hopefully it should only be a matter of days or weeks by now. We will let you know more as soon as we know ourselves, thanks for your patience.

Order Here!

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Out Now: Onyx Tape

Onyx was a short-lived but highly influential Swedish heavy metal band active in the early 80s. Onyx had a sound that remains quite unique still to this day, with short but extremely well-written songs, and they were also one of the first metal bands in Sweden to pen lyrics in their native tongue.

The new tape release from Jawbreaker Records contains all four tracks from the 1982 single as well as another four songs from the 1983 demo. The original Onyx single is today a highly sought after collector’s item and these songs have never before been published on cassette. The 1983 demo tape is even harder to find as not many were made. After said demo failed to attract the attention of any record label, the band unfortunately faded into obscurity and never recorded any more material.

Limited to 100 copies on Ruby Red tape and 200 copies on Ivory White tape.

Order Here!

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Space Marauders – the official Armory fanclub

The Space Marauders is the official Armory fanclub, now doing its 8th year of existence. Membership costs 150 SEK per year and includes an exclusive gift. The gift for previous years’ fanclub editions have been exclusive merchandise such as special edition t-shirt and patches, as well as the highly sought-after Live in the Abyss live cassette. The fanclub includes members from all around the galaxy.

Join Here!