Jawbreaker Records is an underground true metal label based based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our speciality is making high quality releases with heavy, speed, and thrash metal bands.

The label was founded by Gustav “G.G.” Sundin in 2014. G.G. is a member of Armory (cosmic speed metal) and Tyrannosatan (howling metal from hell) and has dedicated his life too Heavy Metal, and you should too!

Also check out Sound Realms, an audio adventure platform developed by G.G. Sundin and Oscar Carlquist from RAM.


Jawbreaker Records complete wholesale/trade list can be found here: WHOLESALE LIST

Contact information: info@jawbreaker.se

Demo submissions

Our roster is currently full, but we could make an exception for one or two bands playing Speed Metal with high pitched vocals, really good classic Heavy Metal, or anything sci-fi. Get in touch at info@jawbreaker.se.


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Privacy policy

Jawbreaker Records takes privacy concerns VERY seriously! We will never gather any sensitive personal data about you or your computer. And even if we would, we would never willingly share it with any third party, especially not the big data hoarding conglomerates, such as Apple, Google or Facebook. In fact, this whole website got started in an attempt to break free from the information monopoly held by these giants. Long live the underground!

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Stay true!

G.G. Sundin

Gothenburg, 2024