Jawbreaker Records is an underground true metal label based in Hisingen, Sweden. Our speciality is releasing high quality tapes and vinyls with heavyspeed, and thrash metal.

Orders can be placed in the shop section here on this page or by getting in touch through email. I’m always interested in doing trades – that is actually the reason I started this label in the first place! – please send an email to to get my whole trade list. I usually have more items in stock than are listed in the web shop.

About me

My name is G.G. “Incinerator” Sundin and I have run this label by myself since 2014. I also play in Armory (cosmic speed metal), Stormdeath (thrashing heavy metal) and Tyrannosatan (howling metal fury). In the past I have also played in a couple of other bands – Beyond Mortality, Irrbloss and my first band which was a death metal band called Beyond Hell (later renamed to Carnivore and then to Erupted).

I have chosen to dedicate my life to heavy metal and you should too!


Graphical Design

In collaboration with Turborock Productions we can offer graphical layout services. For instance, we can help your band with layouting your next record, tour poster, or merchandise. Get in touch with heavymetal@turborock.se for more details.

Jawbreaker Bookings

On the road with your band? We can sometimes help out with arranging the Swedish leg of your tour (1-3 shows). Please be realistic, we have to start planning at least 6+ months in advance, and unfortunately there are more bands who want to play than there are venues. Get in touch with info@jawbreaker.se if you want to talk.


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Privacy policy

Jawbreaker Records takes privacy concerns VERY seriously! We will never gather any sensitive personal data about you or your computer. And even if we would, we would never willingly share it with any third party, especially not the big data hoarding conglomerates, such as Apple, Google or Facebook. In fact, this whole website got started in an attempt to break free from the information monopoly held by these giants. Long live the underground!

Read the official Jawbreaker Records privacy policy here.

Stay true!

G.G. “Incinerator” Sundin

Hisingen, 2017