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Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the upcoming release of COMMAND – RESVER on all music formats.

COMMAND was formed in Arvika, Sweden in 2016, then under the name of COMMANDO. Under the previous moniker, the band released the EP “Rites of Damnation” in 2020. Since then the four members have been locked up in isolation and obscurity, and are now ready to unveil their new full length album RESVER (meaning hallucination or delusion in ancient French) to the world.

Nearly four years since “Rites of Damnation”, Command’s sound has transformed, embracing a rougher and more dramatic quality with a distinctive black metal approach. RESVER, unlike its predecessor, was a deliberate creation from start to finish, with the band crafting a complete record rather than assembling individual songs. Each band member had a say in the creative work, ensuring a collaborative effort in every aspect of the album’s creation.

Another notable change is the dropping of the “O” from “Commando.” The band revealed that this alteration was a conscious decision to align the band with the essence of RESVER. Every choice, including the adjusted name, was tailored to harmonize with the album’s unique sound. In the same vein, there is also cohesive connection between the lyrics, which are delving deep into the occult and mysterious. Fans can explore a conceptual thread running through the songs, creating a deeper layer to the album’s narrative.

Taking a bold step, Command handled every aspect of RESVER’s production, from recording to artwork. Embracing a true do-it-yourself ethos, the band highlighted the luxury and burden of having complete control over the creative process. The only exception is the mastering by Jamie Elton, which added the final touch and elevated the mix to its highest form.

As Command unleashes RESVER to the world, fans can anticipate a blackened heavy metal odyssey that pushes boundaries of heavy metal.

FFO: Vampire, Tribulation, Aura Noir, Nifelheim, In Solitude


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26 January 2024