Nocturnal Forces



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Black Speed Metal

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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the debut demo tape of France’s MÄLHEÜR, Nocturnal Forces, on music cassette format.

The four-piece realized that in their specific area nobody was delivering the real metallic assault and because of that, they started Mälheür in 2021. Their only aim is to summon Hell and oldschool steel. Fittingly they rehearse in the stables of an old castle and with influences ranging from Living Death, Whiplash, Deathhammer, Kreator to Razor (a cover of « City of Damnation » is included), it is clear that Mälheür is dedicated to the old days of speed and thrash. SATANIK SPEED LEGIONS RAISE FROM HELL and bang your heads to « Nocturnal Forces »!!!