Brethren of the Coast



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Running Wild worship

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After 7 long years of waiting, Silverbones finally unleash their long-awaited second album!

The crew of Silverbones don’t deny their most important influence as Brethren of the Coast built upon the best Running Wild traditions. If you’re a sailor since Port Royal, this album is just what you need to quench your thirst for bounty and wild power metal.

Without doubt, Brethren of the Coast is a huge step forward for the band and you can be sure that there are absolutely zero fillers on this album about tales of piracy, history and even more piracy! We don’t it take lightly when we claim that Silverbones recorded the best Running Wild album of the recent years!

To spice the rum up, we included 4 bonus Running Wild covers. What more would you want? Grab your hat and pistol, we’re are setting sail!