Prequel to Madness



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Sci-fi Heavy Metal

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Formed in 2017 in Canada, Traveler released the same-titled debut full-length in 2019 meeting a mind-blowing response from fans and media. Just after one year, the sophomore album “Termination Shock” was released, and within a short time, Traveler established themselves as a powerful live act, storming the stages and festivals of Canada, the United States and Europe. The third album “Prequel of Madness” doesn’t stray from their successful and energetic formula but songwriting and performance wise, it is the band’s best release so far, including anthemic hits, speed metal dynamites and pure heavy metal passion. JP Abboud is one of the most charismatic singers of the last few years, while Matt Ries and Toryin Schadlich sound like one of the best modern guitar duos combining frantic parts with memorable harmonies and magnificent solos that are worked and placed within the songs very carefully. Bass is as audible as it should be with inspired bass-lines teaming up with the adrenaline-fueled drumming creating a very tight rhythm section. Everything screams passion but also attention to detail and dedication to a phenomenal heavy metal vision, making Traveler on their third album, one of the most important, passionate and inspired traditional metal bands of our time.