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Hailing from Warsaw, Poland’s VENGEANCE – AKA FUKKIN’ VENGEANCE – were formed in 2018 by guitarist Galin Soulripper and drummer Bomber. Later on, bassist Madman from Torpor and vocalist Alberth Dust of Bestiality joined the band, and the Fukkin’ Vengeance demo was recorded and released in early 2020. After their debut live show, the band parted ways with Alberth Dust. Vikk Vandal became the new vocalist; with his contribution, FUKKIN’ VENGEANCE started to rehearse the material for their first album. In the middle of the album’s recording session, Madman left the band, and shortly after his departure, Lucifera took on the bass and laid her tracks on the album, therefore establishing the lineup.

And, at long last, that first FUKKIN’ VEGEANCE album is here: Sewer Surge, no more perfectly titled. Like a storm-blast back to 1984, FUKKIN’ VEGEANCE’s first album is a rough, raw, but also refined travelogue across ancient metals and dark, dingy landscapes: a true True Metal maniac’s album that shows shades of classic Tokyo Blade, Living Death, OZ, Iron Angel, and Abattoir as well as the deepest dungeons of the NWOBHM. And yet, what really puts these Poles over is the absolutely electric personality – dirty as fuck and definitely slumming it up in those sewers, but strangely, invigoratingly DESPERATE and utterly going for the glory. Of course, all this aplomb would be for naught if they didn’t have the songs to back it up, and Sewer Surge positively bristles with one street-level anthem after another: the energy is always there, whether it’s a sewer-strutting mid-tempo or (more often) a long-live-the-loud speed metalled charge. But, lest one think that FUKKIN’ VENGEANCE are simply rivetheaded and only rivetheaded, there’s a tasteful incorporation of moody melody into their surprisingly spacious riffing, elevating them above their more strictly retro-minded contemporaries and more so driving home the point that the sewer is indeed one of the darkest (and dankest) places around. Feel their Sewer Surge post-haste!


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