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New Wave of American Heavy Metal

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The new gods of metal have arrived. Eaglewing take a higher form and become the chosen ones to bring the metallic legacy of olde into a brand new era. These two songs only hint at the power that Eaglewing brings to bare. Soaring, ripping, shredding – chance of survival: none.

This 7″ record cut at 45 RPM was made to play LOUD! Throw it on the turntable and get ready to go wild – Hellraiser Wild. The world isn’t ready for the insanity that Eaglewing is about to bring with blistering guitar riffs, frantic solos, powerful bass lines, intricate drumming, soaring vocals, and sudden time signature shifts. Don’t miss out on the beginning on an incredible heavy metal legacy!

Grab this piece of rock and roll history because the legend of Eaglewing starts NOW.

This is a co-release between King Volume Records (US) and Jawbreaker Records (EU). The 7″ is limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Track list:

  • Side A: Eaglewing
  • Side B: Hellraiser Wild

Release date: August 9th, 2024.

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Release Date

9 August 2024


Jawbreaker Records (EU) / King Volume Records (US)


Heavy Metal