St. Diemen Riots

Mechanic Tyrants


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Rebellious Speed Metal


Get ready to ignite your senses with the blazing debut album of Mechanic Tyrants! Jawbreaker Records proudly presents St. Diemen Riots, a ferocious and electrifying album set to drop in September.

Mechanic Tyrants burst onto the scene during the pandemic, quickly establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Vocalist/guitarist Flo and bassist Danny spearheaded this project with potent, high-octane riffs that demanded more. Joined by the prodigious guitar shredder Jake and powerhouse drummer Orlando, this quartet is ready to take the metal world by storm.

St. Diemen Riots is a half-part concept album in the same vein as Rush‘s 2112, spinning a dystopian tale set in the chaotic city of Meanhattan. The narrative kicks off with Tower 42, depicting the oppression of the lower class and the spark of rebellion. Tracks like Murder at the Barricades and Ruins of the Past delve into the brutal conflict and its devastating aftermath, offering a visceral and poignant journey through a city torn apart by strife.

This album is not just a sonic assault; it’s a melting pot of influences, blending the ferocity of Megadeth, Judas Priest, and Metallica with the intricate artistry of Rush. Mechanic Tyrants brings a fresh yet familiar energy to the frontlines of speed metal, crafting a sound that is both innovative and deeply rooted in the genre’s rich history.

With their first single, Speed Metal Guerrilla, Mechanic Tyrants deliver a tongue-in-cheek anthem celebrating the spirit of rebellion against the mainstream. Accompanied by a both fun and frenetic music video, this track sets the tone for an album that is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

Don’t miss out on St. Diemen Riots by Mechanic Tyrants — a revolutionary debut that marks the rise of a new speed metal powerhouse. Stay tuned for tour dates, grab your gear, and join the rebellion. The metal uprising is here, and Mechanic Tyrants are leading the charge.

Limited to 100 copies on purple vinyl and 400 copies on black vinyl. Both versions come with a digital download code, insert, polylined innersleeve and a plastic outer sleeve. The purple version also comes with a stencil for spray-painting the “Speed Metal Guerrilla” logo!

Release date: 27 September 2024.

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7 September 2024


Jawbreaker Records


Speed Metal




Purple Vinyl, Black Vinyl