Metal Conquest

Heavy Load


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Mini-album from 1981

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180gr black vinyl in gatefold sleeve, including 8-page LP-sized booklet and extra CD with bonus tracks. Remastered directly from the original analogue tapes by the Wahlquist Brothers.

Finally, the classic five song album “Metal Conquest” from 1981 is released in the form originally planned. At last, the sixth song is on the re-release. In addition, three bonus tracks are included on the accompanying CD.


The re-release of “Metal Conquest” follows the tradition of the preceding re-releases of the Heavy Load catalogue. The booklet comes with the lyrics, a large number of authentic photos and the band members’ own words about each track. Moreover, the brothers reveal what is the origin of their songs’ and lyrics’ influence from the mythic Viking World.


The song “For the Welfare of Man” was originally planned to be the sixth track on “Metal Conquest”. Due to the band’s very limited studio time, and the brother’s dire finances back in the day, the sixth song ended up not being recorded. However, while listening to some demo tapes, damaged in the great flood of the brother’s own studio in January 2001, the brothers was very surprised to hear a demo version of the song made by them in the mid-eighties. After time-consuming restoration and mixing in the brothers’ new studio, the song has now taken its place on the vinyl – more than forty years later. Now the album is a six-shooter as originally planned.


Side A (45rpm)

1. You’ve Got The Power

2. Dark Nights

3. Heavy Metal Heaven

Side B (45rpm)

4. Hey

5. Heathens From The North

6. For The Welfare Of Man*

CD bonus tracks:

7. Joe Stiletto*

8. Give It Time*

9. Hedningar Från Norr*

(*previously unreleased)


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