Riders of the Ancient Storm

Heavy Load


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Back after 40 years!!

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Jewel case CD, with one acoustic bonus track and 20-page booklet.

40 years have passed since Heavy Load released their latest all new album, “Stronger than Evil” (1983). Heavy Load’s comeback album “Riders of the Ancient Storm” rings of their well-known sound and songwriting. Still, many songs echo these pioneers’ famous Viking themes and existential lyrics. The compositions are dramatic and render a great variety of moods. At the same time, passionate innovation and creative fervour shine bright in every song on the comeback album.


1   Ride the Night

2   We Rock the World

3   Walhalla Warriors

4   Angel Dark

5   Slave No More

6   Raven Is Calling

7   Sail Away

8   Butterfly Whisperings (CD bonus track)



Ragne Wahlquist: Vocals, Lead Guitar and Keyboards

Styrbjörn Wahlquist: Vocals and Drums

Torbjörn Ragnesjö: Bass Guitar

Niclas Sunnerberg: Guitar and Backing Vocals