Impending Triumph

Impending Triumph


79,00 kr

Epic Heavy Metal


The cassette version of the self-titled debut EP by Impending Triumph is a must-have for heavy metal fans who appreciate classic formats. The EP delivers a powerful and passionate tribute to the genre, drawing inspiration from legendary bands like Manowar, Accept, Running Wild, and Helloween. The lyrics follow the story of Puritania, a fictional empress, and touch on the importance of free-thinking and standing one’s ground. The cassette format offers a unique and nostalgic listening experience for fans and collectors. This release is proudly brought to you by Jawbreaker Records, an independent label based in Sweden dedicated to promoting and supporting true heavy metal. The cassette edition is a great way to experience Impending Triumph‘s epic, heavy sound and to keep the tradition of tape-collecting alive.

Comes with a sticker and a download code.

Release date: Friday the 5th of May 2023.

Also available on vinyl, CD, and as a limited bundle packed with exclusive extras.

Update 7 November 2023: The second pressing of the Impending Triumph tapes is here! Check out the new edition, this time on yellow tape and limited to 100 copies. Also take a look at the new white vinyl version as well.

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