Key to the Unbreachable



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Swedish Heavy Metal

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Known from Lethal Steel as the singer with the unique vocals, Viktor Gustafsson has taken matters into own hands in his solo project WATCHER. The debut album has ignited a fire within him, breathing new life into his musical journey. His voice is his weapon and with it he is ready to conquer a new era of Heavy Metal – it holds a large dose of melancholy and just as a sharp blade of steel it leaves no one untouched. Expect an atmospheric musical experience with variations from gloomy to catchy melodies, from restrained tempo to full speed throughout the album, always enclosed by thoughtful lyrics. A well-balanced album without losing it’s core – Viktor passionately expresses that the music feels deeply authentic, aligning perfectly with his creative vision. The album has the symbolic release date on Sweden’s National Day, the 6th of June 2024. Let’s embark on a new golden age of Swedish Heavy Metal!

Limited to 150 copies on Sacred Silver Tape.


  1. The One Who Reigns
  2. Hatets Atlantis
  3. Fight Back
  4. The Lonely Kestrel
  5. Coming Down
  6. Intill Hans Borg
  7. The Hulder’s Gaze
  8. The Watcher
  9. Deceiver
  10. Outro