The Offspring of Warlock



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Black/thrash from Chile

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Demo collection with 23 (!) songs. Contains all five Hellish demos plus some rare bonus tracks. Limited to 100 copies. Suberb black/thrash from Chile!

Demo songs:
Track 1-3: “Bloody Tales” (Demo 2010), Original Release by Underground Defenders.
Track 4-8: “Ancient’s Inheritance” (Demo 2013), Original Release by Nuclear Nightmare.
Track 9-11: “Witch” (Demo 2014), Original Release by Street Metal Blasphemy.
Track 12-15: “Theurgist’s Spell” (EP 2015), Original Release by Blood Harvest.
Track 16-18: “Only Death” (Demo 2017), Original Release by Street Metal Blasphemy.

Bonus tracks:
Track 19-20: Bonus Cover (2017).
Track 21-22: Live in “Disturbing the Priest” gig (2012).
Track 23: Unreleased track (2018)

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