Syncopated Angel

Jonathon Stewart


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Slauter Xstroyes frontman

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Jonathon Stewart was a charismatic and talented musician and person.

His legacy includes two albums with Slauter Xstroyes and one album with Energy Vampires, and he has worked with some of Chicago’s best musicians.

In 2016 Jon decided he was going to re-record four Slauter Xstroyes tracks with new musicians on his own.

He was in touch with Jimmy Caterine who had his own heavy metal story with Sacred Rite and started working on this project.

Rich Hunziker started working with Jon so he could complete the vocals and in the meantime, Hunziker hired several guitarists for the lead and solo parts.

It was then when they came across the unreleased “Portrait of Pain” track that once completed, Jon was stoked even more about this project.

However, that goal of getting these five songs recorded would never be completed as he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer in early May of 2018 and passed in late June of that same year.

By mid-2019, Rich Hunziker finally had enough emotional strength to have his master tapes digitized.

After messing around with them a bit, he decided he couldn’t let those tracks go to waste and wanted to complete them in Jonathon Stewart’s memory.

What started as a small journey, became a full release using mostly the musicians from the four completed tracks but also guest musicians such as Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P., solo), Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper), Sonia Anubis (Cobra Spell, ex-Burning Witches, ex-Crypta), and others.

They re-recorded more songs from Slauter Xstroyes and Energy Vampires using Jon’s original vocal tracks from his master tapes, and now, you have a very special release dedicated to the memory of Jonathon Stewart.


01. Mother Fucker

02. Syncopated Angel

03. Mind’s Eye (original 1992 demo)

04. Portrait Of Pain

05. Rock ‘N’ Roll

06. Winterkill

07. Free The Beast

08. No Idea

09. My Eyes

10. Battle Axe

11. Free The Beast (alternate solo)

12. Portrait Of Pain (2022)


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