Black Knight



89,00 kr

Traditional Swedish Heavy Metal


Sweden’s mythological Heavy Metal newcomers Templar gives us their Black Knight debut demo, and Jawbreaker Records are ready to present this first conquest to the world through the only proper format for such a release – cassette.

The raw charm of glisteningly mystical guitars and earth-shattering bass is a definitively epic combination. Add to this some crazed, cymbal-heavy drumming and wailing vocals and you have the formula for some glorious Heavy Metal music. Melody and grit coexist in an enchanting and fantastical space that will appeal to the underground lovers of something a bit more rough around the edges but showing the huge potential of a young band with great songs. The catchy choruses and wild verses plough forth in a most intense and gripping manner that is a great joy to behold.

Across five tracks (an intro and four full songs), there is plentiful excitement and dynamics to keep you surging alongside this energetic band. From Steve Harris worshipping bass lines to electric shredding, the furious and unpolished passion of Templar is definitely going to win you over on this demo which serves the purpose of planting their flag prior to world domination. A riveting medieval atmosphere and wonderful musicianship is surely something no headbanger will turn away from. Fall at the sword of the Black Knight…

Limited to 100 copies on white tape and 100 copies on black tape.

Comes with a digital download code.

Release date: 14 March 2024.


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Release Date

14 March 2024


Jawbreaker Records


Heavy Metal




Black Tape, White Tape