Into the Void



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Brutal Chilean Thrash


Ever since forming in 2009, Trastorned have unleashed a killer array of demos and most notably their debut album, Into the Void. Jawbreaker Records will now be giving this contemporary cult Chilean classic a tape edition.

Much like many of their countrymen, these maniacs draw a range of influences from the more extreme end of Thrash Metal. Be it German, American or even South American, the horde of violent raging barbarity fire on all cylinders and worship the gods of old. Blasphemous brutality is unleashed with its blackened edge from the very earlier seconds of this record with its thunderous bass guitar, ripping rhythm and lacerating leads. The punk-tinged vocals add further attitude to the hellfire, meanwhile the drums are utterly relentless. If you like your Thrash Metal crazed and hungry for violence, then search no further, Trastorned have you covered!

For the entire (if short) running time, these lunatics ensure you will bang or be banged by true metallic fury. Of course being a South American band, they somehow harness the most bestial extremity and equally traditional elements in a perfect harmony of heinous heaviness, crushing all weakness with their pulverising sound of destruction. Perhaps some wimps were harmed in the making of this beast, but whatever the cost, it is worth it to rage with Trastorned on Into The Void and feel the 80s cult come alive on cassette format, just the way such killer music should be heard. Witness the melodies, stomps, hysteria and total mayhem be invoked as the tape player spits out total venom…

Red tape limited to 50 copies, blue tape limited to 150 copies.

Comes with a digital download code.

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Release Date

March 2024


Jawbreaker Records


Brutal Thrash Metal




Red Tape, Blue Tape