Ninya Warrior - The Anthology



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Limited 500 copies, 180gr black vinyl.

For the first time available on a limited edition vinyl, “Ninya Warrior – The Anthology” includes the Swedish band’s ’80s recordings: the 7″ single tracks, unreleased demo material and the CHARITY 7″ single tracks. Comes with insert including unreleased photo material and the band’s complete story by singer/guitarist Matti Norlin.


Side A

A1   Ninya Warrior (Wizzard single, 1986)

A2   Suzie (Wizzard single, 1986)

A3   Stormchild (Wizzard version 1986)

A4   Killer On The Loose (Wizzard version 1986)

Side B

B1   Suicide (Wizzard unreleased demo 1985)

B2   Two Of A Kind (Wizzard/pre-Charity, studio version ‘87)

B3   In My Dreams (Charity single, 1987)

B4   Two Of A Kind (Charity single, 1987)


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