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Underground Resistance Festival Vol. I

We are very proud to announce the Underground Resistance Festival Vol. 1 in conspiracy with The Abyss!
Four Jawbreaker bands will clash with four other underground beasts – chosen for their ferocity and sheer awesomeness – over three days of Heavy Metal mania.
Early bird tickets available at a discounted price until January 31.
Get your tickets here to join the Underground Resistance at the Abyss on March 14-16!!!
Confirmed bands:
Acid Force
Steel Inferno
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Two new Jawbreaker releases are unleashed today: Command‘s beastly debut full length Resver (on all formats) and the split LP with Swedish metal traditionalists Midnatt (featuring members of Command) and Overture. In other news, we also have a bunch of pre-orders for upcoming releases open now – Writhen Hilt, Kontact and Amethyst. Even more in the pipeline of course so stay tuned! Oh, and we also now have more than 500 titles in our webstore – 80s classics as well as the best of the contemporary metal underground scene. Head over to the SHOP section and get your fill of Heavy Metal right now!

Command – Resver

Command was formed in Arvika, Sweden in 2016, then under the name of Commando. Under the previous moniker, the band released the EP Rites of Damnation in 2020. Since then the four members have been locked up in isolation and obscurity, and are now ready to unveil their new full length album Resver (meaning hallucination or delusion in ancient French) to the world.

Midnatt / Overture – Swedish Metal

Gates of Hell Records and Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the co-release of the MIDNATT / OVERTURE split LP “Swedish Metal”. Both bands are newcomers in the Swedish Heavy Metal scene, and this split album collects their two debut demos, for the first time on vinyl format.

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Writhen Hilt – Ancient Sword Cult

Sword-worshipping Heavy Metal traditionalists Writhen Hilt from Germany are due to deliver their debut EP Ancient Sword Cult via Sweden’s Jawbreaker Records.

Blending the rocking sensibilities of the NWOBHM with Sweden’s catchy hooks and the mystical element of bands such as Warlord, Writhen Hilt shall capture you with their entrancing brand of melodic, all-consuming craftsmanship. Sharp guitars gallop atop unbreakable waves of drumming with some truly unique, spellbinding vocals. Their medieval anthems of metallic fury have that USPM sense of triumph coating every moment. The emotive dynamics take some nuanced doomy touches and give a downtrodden sense of despair to the songs. Glory reigns eternal in the more ethereal passages of the opus. This contrasting and skilfully executed mixture will certainly enthral you.

Packed with grandeur, there is that primal fist-pounding drive, acting as a sonic backbone throughout this record; the wailing chants of a battle cry reverberate in the Heavy Metal splendour. The screaming lead guitars have a captivating quality, which adds some gorgeous soulfulness to the clashing of iron. Thundering bass glows like a fire in a hearth while the steel of mighty riffing and pounding drums keep the songs charging forward. Everything on this record simply screams “epic” from start to finish and it is an adventure you truly must embark upon for yourself.

Release date: 23 February 2024.

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Kontact – Full Contact

Canadian cosmic Heavy Metal mob Kontact will soon deliver their debut album Full Contact. Planet Terra’s leading Sci-Fi Metal label Jawbreaker Records are proud to present the tape version of this otherworldly opus.

If you have never encountered this unidentified object of Heavy Metal oddness, the massive soundscapes of nail-biting guitar riffs, powerful drumming and enchanting vocals will surely grip you instantly with the bands unique approach. As if the likes of Scanner and Manilla Road were coupled with Voivod, but such an analogy would merely scratch the surface because Kontact truly make their Sci-Fi laden rock tunes into a totally new entity. Bizarre is things may seem, the familiarity in the sumptuous synth lines and scathing lead guitars adds a classic element to their anthemic yet anarchic face-melters. Harnessing a mastery of groove and melody while not relying on the usual tropes, it is clear to see this band was never destined to be yet another “NWOTHM” band easily categorised with their contemporaries. Although those epic moments of the past are present, there is no predicting the movements of this unearthly band.

Heavy Metal is a genre that feels very human and grounded, yet Kontact take this and inject the alien elements that project naturally forth from their science fiction world and craft us a record that is as strong in theme and steeped in lore as it is sonically explorative. Where many have failed to combine these technical, progressive and downright unusual elements into a genre as conservative as Heavy Metal, Kontact gel them in such a way that is chaotic and yet coherent. Listen to the sleazy backbeat grooves of “Heavy Leather” next to “Watcher at the Edge of Time” and its progressive sensibilities and witness a band whose combining forces of the norm with utterly absurd concoct a lucid journey into the stratosphere before your very eyes. Love it or hate it, nobody can deny Kontact have pushed Heavy Metal into the further reaches of the cosmos to entirely unique, crushing and exciting new effect. Bare witness to this celestial masterpiece and be transported to the stars…

Cassette limited to 150 copies on Alien Green tape and 50 copies on Cosmic Red tape. Comes with a download code.

Don’t miss out on the LP and CD versions which will be released by our allies over at Dying Victims Productions. The tape version of KontactFull Contact will be out on Jawbreaker Records in March, 2024.

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Black Knights!

Attention Rock Knights!

Jawbreaker Records and Turborock Productions are proud to announce a new edition of Amethyst‘s Rock Knights EP. This is the “Black Knights” edition with inverted colours for the layout. Available on black vinyl (that comes with an A2 poster) and on black cassette.

Amethyst is a Heavy Metal band from Switzerland, formed in 2020 out of the ashes of the previous band Midas Touch. Their goal is to play Heavy Metal, as it was intended by the noble elders, straight from the hearts of the band members to pierce those of the listeners. The inspiration comes not from a specific band in particular, but rather from the sound in general of the era between 1979 and 1981, and the spirit of said time. Rock Knights is Amethyst‘s debut 4-song EP, recorded in late 2022 and released on vinyl and cassette through Jawbreaker Records. The EP quickly made Amethyst into an underground sensation, with more than 2000 physical copies sold in record time and bookings for legendary festivals such as Muskelrock, Keep It True Rising, Chaos Descends and Trveheim.

Released in conspiracy with Turborock Productions.

Shipping will begin on February 29, 2024.