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Welcome back Jawbreakers! It is time for another interview, and this time I managed to get hold of Penki “Disembowelman” Samuelsson – usually known for playing old school death metal in both Entrails and Gravestone – to talk about his latest project Facerip. This young band (back then as a power trio) from Växjö, Sweden released their debut four-track demo here on Jawbreaker Records earlier this year. The music sounds like it may have been hidden away deep down underground sometime back in 1987, and now dug up again 30 years later, reeking of radioactivity and dirtier and angrier than anything you ever heard before. It’s speed, it’s thrash, and it’s completely out of control… Let’s get it on!

Tell the readers how and why the band started.

Fucked if I know! I didn’t sign up for this. I wrote one song and asked Nukeromancer to put some nasty witchdemon vocals on it. We uploaded the track to Soundcloud and I thought that would be the end of it. Then Distroyer showed up. He really liked the song and he had some killer riffs laying around, so he basically forced us to put a band together. It all happened so fast that I barely remember recording my parts for the first EP. But hey, it’s one more reason to play fast music and drink beer, so I guess I can live with it!


Do you see Facerip as an active band or more as a fun side-project?

At the moment I would probably call it a side project, but we have yet to explore the possibilities. It may change completely. We do plan on playing shows and go to as many places as we possibly can, but so far there is no telling if it will be a few gigs a year or extensive touring. Only time will tell!

What’s going on in the Facerip camp right now? There has been some reinforcements to the lineup, right?

That’s right! We recruited two new members to the band. Dr. Fill on the drums and Bässripper on bass. We are finally a full-fledged band. There are also some new songs written, new riffs riffed and stupid ideas to turn into reality. We just need to find the time to put everything together. When the time is right, we’ll step back into the studio and record our first LP. Faster and dirtier than ever!


Where do you draw your inspiration from? Musically and otherwise.

To be honest, I don’t know. Of course I get inspired by the music I listen to, but mostly the inspiration comes out of thin air. All of a sudden I just have to write music or my brain will explode. I can’t explain it. It’s like I wake up with riffs in my head and I can’t go about my day until I get it out of my system.

This answer probably doesn’t make any sense. It’s hard to answer a question when you can’t wrap your head around your own head. And now I made it even more confusing. I hope you’re enjoying this clusterfuck of an interview!


T.F. from Voodus answered something similar when I interviewed him some weeks ago, so I think it makes sense after all. Now, on to the last question; are you still active in your other bands (Entrails, Gravestone and Void)? How does it work to play in so many bands? Why do many people (at least here in Sweden) choose to join multiple bands instead of concentrating on just one?

Entrails and Gravestone are alive and well! Void has been dead for a while. The reason why I play in many bands is not because of creative outlet. For me to say that would clearly be bullshit, since two of my bands basically play the exact same kind of music. For me it’s about people. It’s refreshing to go from one band to another and do the same thing, just with another group of guys.

Balancing three bands is a matter of prioritising, scheduling and respect. If any of those elements goes out of the equation, a band might fall apart. I try to give every band the time and attention it needs, and I almost never run into any trouble. Sometimes you might have to turn down a gig because you were already booked to play with another band, but that’s just something you have to live with. Luckily for me, that has only happened once or twice.

Excellent! I for one really hope for a follow-up to “Radioactive Race”, as well as a chance to see Facerip live in the near future. Meanwhile, you will find the “Radioactive Race” cassette in the webshop. Also check out the following links for more info:

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Hello there again, Jawbreakers! The time has come to present the first of many interviews and articles to follow here on The idea behind this part of the website is to give the artists released on Jawbreaker Records (and others too) a chance to express themselves and to give you readers an insight into their wicked minds. First up is singer/guitarist/songwriter T.F. from the infamous black metal band Voodus!


Hail! What has Voodus been up to lately?


Well, first of all I have to say that we have been on a Scandinavian tour with Mayhem! That was a fucking blast! It was huge for us. To hang out with these legends… Unfuckingreal! We will perform at the Mayhem gig in Gothenburg the 27th October as well.

The day after we will be heading to the Necromorbus Studio for the recording of our first album!

Two years ago, in conjunction with the release of the Nightqueen EP here on Jawbreaker Records, you changed your name from Jormundgand to Voodus. What lay behind that name change?

We did not feel the force any more. All inspiration and magic was gone. We were lost and started to do music we couldn’t stand up for. So we decided to kill Jormundgand! Burn the corpse of the dragon and wait for what to come.

Under deep magical influence the force of Voodus came to me as a revelation. The rest is quite hard to explain, but the magic came back to us, as you can hear in our music! Especially if you listen to the new material! To change name was the best way for us to find our way back to the path again. To start from scratch, with clear minds and burning hearts!!!

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Musically and otherwise.

I don’t know. I can walk through a room and suddenly get a feel of… something… A connection to my creative part of the mind is setting up, then it is just to go with the flow!

Sometimes I get my inspiration from meditation, books, music, stories etc etc.

Can you tell the readers a bit of what your lyrics are about?

The lyrical theme is mainly about my own experiences and struggles with the abysmal depths of my self. The search and the longing for all the things that is beyond. And sometimes the strong connection I can feel between me and “them”, the dwellers of the nightside.

It has to be honest, that’s the most important thing.

The new album will have 3 songs with guest writers as well! I don’t know if they want me to go official with their names yet, so I’ll better shut my mouth about it for now. But the material they have written is true, black and dangerous art!

What do you think happens after death?

Well… I think it is highly individual. It depends on the powers you choose to connect yourself to. You can create your own destiny, both in life and after death.

What is your ultimate goal with your music?

My ultimate goal with Voodus…

If we could make the essence of Voodus to transform to a portal. A black hole of pure death and destruction!  A black sun of true light! A sharp-teethed and venomous mouth of hell! Devouring the creator and the creation. Well, that’s a good thing to work for.

Voodus has released two EP’s, as well as two demos and a full-length album under the name Jormundgand. We are looking forward to the upcoming full-length album!
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