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Rising – Long Way Tour: Live in Sweden 1983, Gold Edition

Back in a new edition on gold tape and with gold-foiled cover!

Formed in 1980, Rising from Vänersborg is one of the forgotten gems from the golden era of Swedish Heavy Metal. The band never released any full-length album, but managed to deliver an onslaught of demo tapes and 7″ singles throughout the 80’s.

In 1983, the band organized their first full tour, and the final show in their home town was recorded professionally. These recordings have only been collecting dust until now though, but thanks to this cassette release from Jawbreaker Records the world will finally have the chance to hear this live concert for the first time!

This must-have tape of pure live Swedish Heavy Metal also comes with liner notes from original drummer Lars Berger. Second edition, limited to 200 copies on gold tape.

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Neptune – Legends From the North: 40 Years of Swedish Steel

Celebrating 40 years of Swedish steel!

Neptune is a Swedish Heavy Metal band formed in 1980. Although not as well-known as fellow countrymen Heavy Load, Mindless Sinner or Gotham City (with which Neptune in fact had several members in common with for a period of time), Neptune is still to this day consider one of the finest examples of Swedish Heavy Metal. This cassette box celebrates the band’s entire career, from the beginnings in 1980 to the well-received comeback album from 2020. In total, the three cassettes contain 38 songs, including several demo tracks that have never before been released to the public ear.

The cassette box contains the following tapes:

  • Join the Battle: 11 of Neptune’s finest demo recordings, recorded between 1982 and 1985.  Contains many never before heard songs and recordings.
  • Land of Northern: The songs that were intended to constitute Neptune’s never materialized debut album. Recorded between 1984 and 1987. First time on cassette.
  • Northern Steel: The comeback album from 2020. First time on cassette.

Available to a discounted price during pre-order. The box is limited to 200 copies, so act fast!

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Announcement: Acid Blade – Power Dive

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the upcoming release of Power Dive, the first full-length album by Acid Blade.

Acid Blade is a powerful Heavy Metal outfit from Dresden, Germany, risen out of the ashes of the previous project Angel Blade. While the demo released under that name got great reviews, listeners should not just expect “Angel Blade II”. Instead, this is a much heavier and more dynamic band, with influences ranging from 70s Hard Rock and NWOBHM to US Metal, Thrash, and Punk. While mashing together different styles, Acid Blade’s sound remains raw and honest, which paired with the characteristic and versatile voice of frontman Klay Mensana will not disappoint any fan of their former work.

Listen to Into the Light, the first single track from the album here:

The album will be released on LP and cassette formats and contains 8 musically and lyrically versatile songs, with lyrics concerning inner conflict, personal issues, the cruelty of war, tomb raiding – and of course extraterrestrials – but more often than not with a twist and lots of hidden layers of meaning to discover. The digital and tape versions will be released on the 12th August, following the release of a second single and the reveal of the full cover artwork in the coming weeks. The LP version will follow later this year.

Acid Blade is not reinventing the wheel but is consequently continuing to turn it. This is Heavy fucking Metal as it should be!


  1. Hot Bloods on the Loose
  2. Ablaze at Midnight
  3. Power Dive
  4. Into the Light
  5. King Killer
  6. The Tomb of Khentika Ikheki
  7. Moonless Night
  8. Harpy on the Wing