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Out Now: Rising and Savaged

Yesterday two heavy parcels arrived under the cloak of darkness to the Jawbreaker HQ. These contained two new Jawbreaker cassette releases: Rising, a Swedish heavy metal band from the 80’s, and Savaged, a brand new heavy metal act from Spain. Many of you have already pre-ordered one or both of these tapes, but there are still a few copies left of each. To those that have already pre-ordered: shipping will begin next week, but due to the extremely high amount of pre-orders (thanks jawbreakers for defending the faith!), it might take a while so have patience. Rock hard ride free!

Savaged – Knights of Metal

The debut cassette single from Spain’s newest rock stars; Savaged. Two tracks of fast and catchy heavy metal. Limited to 100 copies (30 copies on Knightly White tape and 70 copies on Heavy Metal Red tape).

Rising – Long Way Tour: Live in Sweden 1983

Formed in 1980, Rising from Vänersborg is one of the forgotten gems from the golden era of Swedish Heavy Metal. The band never released any full-length album, but managed to deliver an onslaught of demo tapes and 7″ singles throughout the 80’s.

In 1983, the band organized their first full tour, and the final show in their home town was recorded professionally. These recordings have only been collecting dust until now, but thanks to this high caliber tape from Jawbreaker Records the world will finally have the chance to hear this live concert for the first time!

This must-have tape of pure live Swedish Heavy Metal also comes with liner notes from original drummer Lars Berger. Limited to 200 copies, 50 on silver tape (sold out) and 150 on black tape.

Upcoming Release Schedule

Mystic Storm – From the Ancient Chaos (LP): October 2021

Secret tape to be announced soon! October 2021

Tyrannosatan – Katakombernas Kakofoni (LP+cassette): November 2021