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Jawbreaker Records 10 Years Anniversary!

Time flies, Jawbreakers, and it is now 10 years since the release of the very first tape (Stormdeath’s Promodeath EP) on Jawbreaker Records. As we now enter the second decade of Jawbreaker’s existence, it is time to announce a change of strategy that has slowly matured over the years. The new strategy will lead to a slightly more slimmed down roster of bands, but in return we will be able to work much more closely and long-term with every artist on the label. In addition to this we will continue to do occasional handpicked standalone releases as well, but to a much lesser degree than in the past. The label’s musical focus will be even more centered around Heavy Metal and Speed Metal – in my personal opinion the purest forms of heavy music. To mark this change, we are hereby happy to present our new logotype, carefully crafted by Turborock Productions.

To give a taste of what the future has to offer, we are also proud to unveil two new releases that have just been put up for pre-order. One is the opening demo by a multitalented young starshot Speed Metal artist with a bright future ahead of him. The other new release is an exclusive version of an old and beloved 80s classic. Together, these two releases gives a good overview of the new direction we hope to take Jawbreaker in over the next 10 years and beyond.

MANACE is a Heavy/Speed metal entity consisting on this demo solely of one young and hungry maniac by the name of Marlon – a personal friend of mine and a dedicated maniac that I believe has a bright future ahead. The music of MANACE must be likened to the glorious master era of U.S. Metal, not as a carbon copy, but by finding paths into new territory in the same way as the legendary acts of the 80s did. The result is an intricate and flowing musical landscapes of mindbending loops and powerful hooks that should delight any fans of Savage Grace, Omen, Warlord or Chastain.

The other new release is nothing less than the first ever official cassette release of TRÖJAN and their 1985 masterpiece Chasing the Storm. A timeless classic of brilliant Power/Speed/Heavy Fucking Metal from the U.K.!

Both these tapes are now up for pre-order at – together with the first ever Jawbreaker t-shirts, of corpse bearing the new logo.

Thank you for the past decade, Jawbreakers! Your support means so much to me, and I don’t mean simply in economical terms. I have made so many friends, gotten so many smiles and handshakes all over the world, sometimes a beer or a demo tape…. This is what makes all the hard work so worth it! THANK YOU, JAWBREAKERS! As we march together into the unknown times of the future, remember this: As long as we stand united, we shall never fall! Long live the underground!!!

Gustav “G.G.” Sundin
Head of Jawbreaker Records