Black Denim Rage – State of Emergency

Jawbreaker Records are excited to announce the release of State of Emergency, the debut album by South Florida’s Black Denim Rage on cassette tape. The band, formed in 2019, aims to revive the old school “Street Metal” scene in the States with their pure aggression and incorporation of 80s metal elements.

Two of the band members – lead guitarist and vocalist Kevin James Balcazar, aka Speed Veteran, and bass player Tom Hernandez – comes from the South American metal scene before relocating to Florida. The duo’s violent South American roots can clearly be discerned in both music as well as lyrical content. Lead Guitarist Matthew “Thrashing” Sanders and his childhood friend, drummer Shazam Humphrey, completes the lineup and brings their Traditional Heavy Metal influences and more in-depth music theory to the table. All together, Black Denim Rage is surely a thrash metal force to be reckoned with.

State of Emergency is Black Denim Rage‘s first full length album, and showcases the band’s skillful instrumentation, intense energy, and raw power. This release is not to be missed by fans of Speed/Thrash Metal and those looking for a fresh take on the classic 80s Street Metal sound. Jawbreaker Records takes care of the cassette release, out on June 23rd, while Witches Brew have already released an excellent CD version.

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Jawbreaker Records is an independent record label based in Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 2014 and specialized in releasing true heavy metal on all formats.

Release Details

Release date: 23 June 2023

Limited to 30 copies on yellow tape and 70 copies on purple tape.

Also check out the excellent CD version from Witches Brew.


  • Speed Veteran – Vocals & lead guitars
  • Tom Hernandez – Bass
  • Matthew “Thrashing” Sanders – Lead guitars
  • Shazam Humphrey – Drums


  1. Total Riot
  2. Rage Militia
  3. Chemical Bullets
  4. State of Emergency
  5. The Last Breath
  6. Speed Overdose
  7. Street Metallians
  8. Scare Tactics
  9. Curfew City
  10. Black Denim Rage

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