Meurtrier – Le Visage Du Mal

Meurtrier spawn forth, a new entity of Heavy and Speed Metal triumph presented by Jawbreaker Records. Le Visage Du Mal is the Canadians first EP of raging, melodious and spectral Killer Metal. Strap in for a killer time!

Like a hammer of pure iron might, Meurtrier pound on the anvil of true Heavy Metal. Their blazon brand of crushing riffs, dominant percussion and haunting vocals blend into a mystical and enchanting web of eerie spectres conjured to life. Blisteringly tight lead guitar work and an atmosphere that King Diamond might lend an inspiration to, this band have that rare ability to craft a real universe you can step into. The harmonies and progressions will surely pull in any true headbanger for more, but don’t take our word for it, allow this mysterious entity to possess you for yourself!

As we delve further into this unconventional release, the mix of blasting drums and gallops gives us an intense and powerful backdrop to the mesmerising guitar and vocal mix, which is otherworldly and gorgeously delivered. The unpolished grittiness coupled with melodic soundscapes of Heavy Metal thunder will definitely convince most ears that this is a lost gem of yesteryear, in the best possible way. In a world dominated by repetition, Meurtrier are a breath of fresh air that still upholds the pillars of true metallic craftsmanship, old school and yet inimitable. The blend of tradition and forging ones own path is presented in perfect harmony here as this wonderful new band carve their place in the annals the Heavy Metal underground.

White tape limited to 50 copies, black tape limited to 150 copies.

Release date: 20 April 2024.

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Jawbreaker Records is an independent record label based in Gothenburg, Sweden, specialized in releasing true heavy metal on all formats. Founded in 2014, the label is dedicated to promoting and supporting the most talented and passionate bands in the scene, while also providing fans with high-quality vinyls, tapes, and CDs of the best releases the underground scene has to offer.

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