Overture – Demo 2022

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the cassette version of Overture‘s Demo 2022.

This is the first physical release from the up-and-coming (formed in 2022) and extremely talented power trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Overture (which features members from Eternal Evil) combines jawdropping musical virtuosity and musicianship with flawless song writing and a contagious young-and-hungry energy. Highly recommended for fans of Scorpions, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Rising Force, Heavy Load and Silver Mountain!

The cassette will be available in two different limited editions – 50 copies on white tape and 150 copies on black tape. Fans of the band and collectors alike will want to act fast to secure their copy of this limited release.

Both versions are available for pre-order now through jawbreaker.se, turborock.se and Jawbreaker Records’ Bandcamp page. The actual release of the cassette will coincide with the band’s performance at Muskelrock on June 1st this year.

Released in conspiracy with Turborock Productions.

Listen now at Jawbreaker Records Bandcamp page.

For more information and updates on the release, fans can follow Jawbreaker Records on social media or visit the label’s website.

Jawbreaker Records is an independent record label based in Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 2014 and specialized in releasing true heavy metal on all formats.

Demo Details


  • Adrian Tobar – Guitars & Vocals
  • Niklas Saari – Bass
  • Benjamin Curman – Drums


  1. Falcon’s Flight I
  2. When the Fire Burns
  3. Charon’s Might
  4. Fading Away
  5. Falcon’s Flight II

Press Material

Download press kit here: Overture Press Kit (5 MB)

Listen now at Jawbreaker Records Bandcamp page. If you need to download the songs for review purposes, please inquire at info@jawbreaker.se

Download Jawbreaker Records logotype here: Jawbreaker Records Logo (20 MB)

If you need more material, would like to conduct an interview or have other inquiries, please get in touch with info@jawbreaker.se

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