Live in the Abyss

(JAW-015, August 2018)

Special release only available to fanclub members (the Space Marauders). Limited to 60 copies, with each one numbered and dedicated to a specific Space Marauder.

The tape contains a recording of Armory’s gig at The Abyss in Gothenburg on the 16th day of June 2017, celebrating The Abyss’ first anniversary.

Audio recorded by Blackmail Production, layout and photography by Linni Lindström / Night Crawler.

Tracklist, Side A:

  1. Hisingen Warriors
  2. Phantom Warrior
  3. Artificial Slavery
  4. Spinning Towards Doom
  5. Without Days, Without Years

Tracklist, Side B:

  1. High Speed Death
  2. Alien Invasion
  3. S.M.I.
  4. Hell’s Fast Blades
  5. Space Marauders