Stormdeath – Call of the Panzer Goat

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the release of Call of the Panzer Goat, the second full-length album by Stormdeath.

Stormdeath is a thrashing heavy metal band from the plague-ridden island of Hisingen in Goatenburg, Sweden. The band have been delivering their goods for more than a decade now, constantly trying to push the boundaries of metal further and further but still always remaining loyal in their service of the metal godz of old. Call of the Panzer Goat is Stormdeath’s long-awaited second album, finally unleashed upon mankind through Jawbreaker Records. The album was mixed and produced by Niclas Ingelman (Armory) and mastered by Oscar Carlquist (RAM).

Recommended for fans of Exodus, early Metallica, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest…. well, everything metal basically.

Released on cassette tape and gatefold LP by Jawbreaker Records (as well as on CD by Witches Brew).

Release date vinyl version: 1 July 2022

Release date cassette version: 1 October 2022


  1. Bombs Away (03:27)
  2. Deathocracy (03:14)
  3. The Faith And The Dead (04:03)
  4. Liquid Fire (03:59)
  5. Panzer Goat (05:01)
  6. Urge To Kill (03:11)
  7. R.O.A.D.S. (03:05)
  8. Blood For The Blood God (04:35)
  9. War (04:31)
  10. Soulseller (Back From The Dead) (04:59)

Stormdeath are:

  • Evil Bastard: Rhythm guitars & vocals
  • Desekrator: Lead guitars
  • Predator: Drums
  • Incinerator: Thunder bass & backing vocals

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