Trade List

All packages sent from outside the European Union must have a customs declaration with all fields properly filled in!

I consider 1 tape = 1 CD trade-wise.

1 LP = 3 tapes or CDs.


Commando – Rites of Damnation
The follow-up to the quickly sold-out demo tape 2018. Contains 6 songs of relentless heavy steel.

Commando – Demo 2018
Debut demo by Commando. Note: this is the version printed by the band themselves, not the version released by Jawbreaker Records.

Total Inferno – P.E.M.F.H.
Pure evil metal from hell!

Booze Control – Forgotten Lands
Germaniac heavy metal!

Krematorium – Altar of Lies
Speed/thrash metal from Croatia.

Mortal Whisper – Mortal Whisper
Killer heavy/speed metal from Chile.


Wardom – When Darkness Reigns
I bet that most of you headbangers out there missed this Australian gem from 2010 but this one kicks ass! Black/thrash like Deströyer 666.

Black Cult – Cathedral of the Black Cult
The black metal band Black Cult consists of battle hardened veterans from Croatia’s underground metal scene. This is their second album.

Beyond Mortality – Infected Life
Death/thrash metal from the deep woods of Småland, Sweden.

Armory – World Peace… Cosmic War
The debut full length album by Sweden’s speed metal masters, a dark and furious attack with sci-fi themes.

Armory – The Search
Second full length album by Armory, faster and darker than ever before.

Stormdeath – Time to Destroy
Thrashing heavy metal in the vein of Exodus, Judas Priest, old Metallica and W.A.S.P.