Trade List

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I consider 1 tape = 1 CD trade-wise.

1 LP = 3 tapes or CDs.


Tyrannosatan – Katakombernas Kakofoni
Tyrannic metal from the underground (listen below).

Mystic Storm – From the Ancient Chaos
2nd pressing, coming in July 2022.


Neptune – Legends From the North: 40 Years of Swedish Steel (1980-2020)
3-tape box with Swedish Heavy Metal legends Neptune. Coming in June 2022.

Rising – Long Way Tour: Live in Sweden 1983
Previously unreleased live recording from 1983. 2nd edition on gold tape. Coming in June 2022.

Blasphemaniac – Bestial Occult Ceremony
Black speed metal from Brazil. Coming in June 2022, available for trade already.

Tyrannosatan – Katakombernas Kakofoni
Howling heavy metal!

Hypnosia – Extreme Hatred
Classic milestone in technical and brutal thrash metal from 2000. First time on cassette!

Guilliotino – Conuration
No-school relentless metal from Värmland, Sweden.

Mindless Sinner – Master of Evil
Swedish Heavy Metal legends. The EP from 1983 with six bonus tracks. This is the second edition with a new, dark layout and re-mixed bonus tracks (unique to this edition).

Mindless Sinner – Turn on the Power
Swedish Heavy Metal legends. The full-length from 1986 with nine bonus tracks. This is the second edition with a new, dark layout.

Armory – The Search
The second full length album by Sweden’s speed metal masters, a dark and furious attack with sci-fi themes. New tape version from Jawbreaker Records 2020 with impressive multi-panel layout.

Pile of Death – Obliteration MMXIX
Thrash/death metal from Småland, Sweden.


Black Cult – Cathedral of the Black Cult
The black metal band Black Cult consists of battle hardened veterans from Croatia’s underground metal scene. This is their second album.

Beyond Mortality – Infected Life
Death/thrash metal from the deep woods of Småland, Sweden.

Stormdeath – Time to Destroy
Thrashing heavy metal in the vein of Exodus, Judas Priest, old Metallica and W.A.S.P.

Stormdeath – Call of the Panzer Goat
New album that kicks ass!!!

Blaze of Perdition – Towards the Blaze of Perdition
Polish black metal. Warheart issue from 2013.

Armory – Mercurion
Third full-length album, a concept album with a sci-fi story from start to finish.