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Armory – The Search

After being delayed for just a few years, JAW-022 is finally approaching our solar system! In its cargo holds is the new tape version of Armory‘s second album The Search, previously only released in a small quantity in North America by Hoove Child Records (now sold out).

The Search was originally released on LP and CD by High Roller Records in 2018. Now it will be officially available on cassette for the first time ever in Europe.

Limited to 300 copies, 100 on silver tape and 200 on clear blue tape.

Beautiful and lavish 5-panel layout by Linni Lindström at Night Crawler.

Release date: 2020-11-01

Pre-order here!

Track list, side A:
1. The Search
2. Hyperion
3. Rise Above
4. Star Voyage
5. Vault Seven
6. Bringer of Light

Track list, side B:
7. Heavy Metal Impact
8. The Twin Suns of Solaris
9. Utomjordisk Dominans
10. Polymorphic Intruders
11. Hisingen Warriors

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Commando strikes again!

Rites of Damnation

Commando are back! Two years and a lot of gigs after the release of their 2-track demo tape in 2018 the band is finally ready to unleash their first EP. The EP contains 25 minutes of relentless heavy metal spread over 6 songs; four new anthems as well as rerecorded versions of the two hits from the now long sold-out demo tape. So regardless if you loved the first tape or missed the chance to get it, Rites of Damnation has something for you. Prepare to be crushed!

Limited to 200 copies (150 on Midnight Black tape and 50 on Shocking Blue tape). The cassette version is exclusively available through Jawbreaker Records, while the CD and LP versions will be out on High Roller Records.

This tape will be released on 2020-05-22 but the pre-order starts already today.

About the band
Commando plays dark heavy metal without remorse and comes from the deep woods of Värmland, Sweden. This young band is a fast rising star on the skies of heavy metal and have gone from nothing to signing a deal with High Roller Records in just a few years time. You can safely assume that this is just the beginning of their career.

Release date: 2020-05-22

Pre-order here!

Support the future of Swedish heavy metal!

No tracks from the EP are out yet, but here’s Slumbering Death from the 2018 tape:

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2020 Is At Hand

Jawbreakers! The year is nearly at its end, and another successful one for Jawbreaker Records. Five heavy tape releases were forged in the Jawbreaker furnaces during the year (Mindless Sinner, Mortal Whisper, Total Inferno, Aquilla and Booze Control) and orders broke all records thanks to you maniacs! 2020 will start off at full speed at high level with some must-have releases to be announced soon.

However, some things are bound to change slightly for the worse. On January 1st 2020, the Swedish postal service will raise their prices dramatically, and shipping fees will unfortunately have to change for orders made through correspondingly. Shipping inside Sweden will be increased by nearly 20% and international shipping fees will increase by roughly 10%. Hopefully you will all continue to find the prices on the actual products here modest enough to don’t let the increased shipping prices defer you from placing an order. You can’t stop steel!

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Booze Control – Forgotten Lands

A new release has just come out of the Jawbreaker furnaces: Forgotten Lands by German heavy metal band Booze Control. This tape contains 10 songs of glorious heavy metal that brings their fellow Germaniacs of Stormwitch and Scanner to mind.

This is the fourth album by Booze Control, and also said to be their last, marking the climax of their 10 year long career.

Limited to 100 copies (25 copies on Axeman Orange tape and 75 copies on Forgotten Green tape). Order now while stock lasts!

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Saviors of the Universe

Do you like science fiction? Do you like heavy metal? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, you should definitely check out Aquilla.

This band of young, hungry and passionated musicians hails from Poland, Earth and their new EP Saviors of the Universe has just been released on Jawbreaker Records. The EP tells the story of humanity escaping Earth in a desperate search for a new home and three songs of fist-pumping heavy metal with top class high pitched vocals.

On the tape you will find an intro, the title track “Saviors of the Universe” and two exclusive demo tracks only available on this release. Solid heavy metal with science fiction themes. Recommended for fans of Scanner, Ambush and Enforcer. Comes with a sticker.

Limited to 100 copies and selling at hyper speed, so hurry up!

Also check out this month’s other new release on Jawbreaker Records: Total Inferno – P.E.M.F.H.

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Pure Evil Metal From Hell!

Two new Jawbreaker releases have been unleashed upon mankind. Tremble in fear!

First up is Total Inferno, that follows up the highly popular debut album Return of Evil Chaos from 2015 with an even more powerful album simply entitled P.E.M.F.H. (Pure Evil Metal From Hell).

Total Inferno hails from the same small Swedish village (Dals Långed) as Mordant and Nifelheim. Therefore you shouldn’t be surprised to hear similarities to these two giants, but Total Inferno spices things up even further by mixing in a heavy dose of 80’s influenced speed metal. The results speak for themselves – a true classic for fans of any fast metal music.

You get the vinyl version from Growls From The Underground, for the cassette version you don’t have to go any further than to the web shop here at Jawbreaker Records.

Limited to 100 copies (20 copies on golden tape and 80 on dark clear tape).

Also out now is Aquilla – Saviors of the Universe (click the link to read more). Speed on maniacs!

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Out now: Mindless Sinner – Turn on the Power!

Swedish heavy metal legends Mindless Sinner need no further introduction. Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce this official re-release of the band’s groundbreaking debut album, recorded in 1984 and released in 1986. This is your chance to lay your hands on a real piece of heavy metal history. Limited to 100 copies on pink tape and 200 copies on blue tape. Never released on cassette before.

Includes 9 rare bonus tracks: 4 alternative versions of songs from the album recorded in 1986 (previously only available on the 2015 CD re-release by Eat Metal Records) and 5 demo tracks, also from 1986 (previously only available on the 2003 CD re-release by Metal For Muthas).

Tracklist, Side A:

  1. We Go Together
  2. I’m Gonna (Have Some Fun)
  3. Turn On The Power
  4. Live And Die
  5. Left Out On My Own
  6. Here She Comes Again
  7. Standing On The Stage
  8. Voice Of The Doomed
  9. Tears Of Pain

Tracklist, Side B:

  1. I’m Gonna Have Some Fun*
  2. Here She Comes Again*
  3. Turn On The Power*
  4. Left Out On My Own*
  5. Rock And Roll Man**
  6. A Long Time Ago**
  7. Time Of Pleasure**
  8. Step Into The Fire**
  9. Point Below Zero**

* Alternative Version (1986)
** Demo (1986)

Just like last year’s tape release of Master of Evil has this release been made possible due to a collaboration with Night Crawler, who has contributed the awesome layout. Horns up!

Out now on Jawbreaker Records!

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Krematorium and Commando tapes out now

Two new Jawbreaker releases have just been unleashed upon the world!

First out is Krematorium, a thrash band from Rijeka, Croatia that on their latest EP Altar of Lies has incorporated more of a speed metal sound into their music. The tape is out now on Jawbreaker Records and contains three tracks of furious speed/thrash. Limited to 100 copies on blood red tape.

Next up is Commando. This demo tape is their debut release and contains two tracks of darkened heavy metal. Limited to 100 copies on hellflaming orange tape.

Get your hands on JAW-016 and JAW-017 or die trying!

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Paganfire interview

Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Nonoy Padrejuan, guitarist/vocalist from Paganfire. Hailing from Quezon City, Philippines, Paganfire has been wreaking fear and death for the last 15 years. True underground warriors to the core, the band has never been taking it easy or waited for success to suddenly come knocking on their door. Instead they have been collaborating with countless labels and bands from around the globe, spreading forth their brutal thrash metal like a horde of plague-ridden black rats.

Paganfire has been active since 2003. Tell us how the band got started!

N: Greetings mate!!! Actually me and Jay [Drums] got together in 1999, under a different name, playing covers of our favorite bands. After 2 years, our then bassist/vocalist Dennis thought of the name PAGANFIRE, and we used it since then. Come 2002, Alvaro [bass/vocals] and Rowell [guitars] stepped in, and we played around the Metro Manila area actively. It was 2008 when Rowell got replaced by M.A. and from then there was no turning back!!


Judging from Metal Archives, you guys have released only one full length album [2013’s Wreaking Fear and Death], but an extreme number of splits and other releases. How come? Do you even keep count of them?

N: Apparently it took us quite a while before we managed to do the debut album, we are not on a rush anyway, and right now the 2nd album’s creation is slowing down too, but no worries, we are keen on working on it a lot sooner. There was no conscious action to flood the world with splits, it just happened, WRITE, RECORD, RELEASE, D.I.Y. or die!! Let’s just say we never backed down from any project proposal, it is always a pleasure to work with fellow maniacs from everywhere anytime! NO, I haven’t counted them lately, perhaps when I update my list, but for now, the barrage will continue. BARRAGE OF NOISE!!!


How does your song writing process usually take place?

N: There is no definite time frame when we work on a song(s), some just take a few hours and sessions of rehearsals, while others are way too hard to finalize. Normally it’s either me or Alvaro who presents a new song or two at rehearsals, and from then we work on it, letting the METAL flow naturally, jam and bang our heads to it. That’s the way we do it, and let’s see if it will change sooner or later.


To my ears, your music sounds like thrash metal of the most extreme kind – a bit like Sadus, Hypnosia or early Kreator. How would you describe your own music? What are your influences?

N: AARRGGHHH!!! I am glad you are reminded of such legends with what we do! Paganfire plays true underground thrashing metal, no more, no less. Bare, raw and filthy thrash metal!!! As a band we are into thrash, heavy metal and punk, as individuals musical influences are many! And it is indeed excellent that we have a common area of interest and that is thrash metal! Other non musical influences would be movies, books and the fact that we are living in a third world country that will swallow itself whole very soon!!


What kind of books and/or movies is that?

N: Practically we read and watch a little bit of everything, but most of the time it is the horror/occult movies and books that stand out, and of course the biographies of some interesting personas like dictators, serial killers, criminals, despots etc etc.


Tell us more about the situation in the Philippines in general.

N: The Philippines is in a near self destructive state, I think it is just a matter of time before everything spills over, ravaged by politicians and their self appeasing ways. I bet you have read about the thousands killed by the useless drug war, the endless political bickerings, social media propagandists, and now our soaring inflation rates. Would you believe we have third world wages against first world prices?? Our president is a lunatic to say the least. In general, the Philippines is in a poor, zombified state. Now we’ll see what the future will bring.


How’s the metal scene over there?

N: I cannot call it a “scene”, it was always a group of individuals whose activities resemble a “scene” to me. Sure enough you have the standard (bands, zines, maniacs) which is not totally a bad thing, but I want more, more hardcore metal maniacs, more controversial zines, more hyperactive non trendy bands, etc etc. Perhaps we can say I don’t like the scene? Whatever!! Whatever works for them, as far as Pagafire we’ll just walk our own path and do our thing, regardless of what is happening or is popular to do in this “scene”.


With several new releases coming each year usually, you don’t seem like a band who like to sit still. What’s next for Paganfire? Total world domination?

N: Kudos to you for noticing that!!! We can say that we are very active indeed, as I reply to this interview, we just did a pair of weekend shows in my hometown, we went 500 kilometers from Manila, and it was a worthwhile experience to say the least, and we are now planning the next shows. If somehow the possibility of touring Europe and other continents happens we’ll gladly do that, but as of now, none of that will happen soon. As for the release onslaught, keep your eyes and ears open, as I have been informed that the test presses for the next vinyl release will be ready and some months ago our friends from Brazil’s VDM productions vomited forth their version of our debut album “Wreaking Fear and Death” with different layout and bonus tracks of course! And yes, as far as I am concerned that is what a true D.I.Y. underground band should do: write, record and release!!!



Jawbreaker Records would like to thank Nonoy and Paganfire for the interview, and give our eternal respect for their dedication! This is the true spirit of the underground, this is the way it should be done – WRITE, RECORD, RELEASE!


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Mindless Sinner – Master of Evil

Jawbreaker Records are extremely proud to announce that Mindless Sinner – Master of Evil is now officially released. Shipping of all the pre-orders (thanks everyone!) has already begun, and for the rest of you: now is the chance to lay your hands on this masterpiece of Swedish heavy metal history. For a limited time only, both the yellow (limited to 100 copies) and the red (limited to 200 copies) will be available in the web shop for a special heavy metal price of 66,6 SEK.

It’s hard to believe, but remember that this is the first time EVER that ANYTHING by Mindless Sinner is officially released on cassette! So hurry up and get your copy while the stock lasts.

Swedish heavy metal legends Mindless Sinner need no further introduction. This is a official re-release of the band’s groundbreaking debut EP from 1983.  Limited to 100 copies on yellow tape and 200 copies on red tape. Never released on tape before.

Includes six rare bonus demo tracks (also recorded in 1983)! These tracks are previously only available on the 2003 CD re-release by Metal For Muthas.


  1. Broken Freedom
  2. Key of Fortune
  3. Master of Evil
  4. Screaming For Mercy
  5. Heavy Metal Will Never Die*
  6. Mindless Sinner*
  7. Taking My Life Away*
  8. Higher and Higher*
  9. We All Go Back*
  10. City Games*

*Bonus track.

This release has been made possible due to a collaboration with Night Crawler, who has contributed an awesome design for the release. Horns up!