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Out Now: Hypnosia – Extreme Hatred

Jawbreaker Records are proud to present the first ever official tape version of HypnosiaExtreme Hatred.

This ground-breaking thrash album was originally released back in 2000, but has never before been released on cassette. Features Cab Castervall (later in Portrait and Dreadful Fate), Hampus Klang (Bullet, Birdflesh) and Mike Sjöstrand (one of the best and fastest drummers in Swedish metal history – R.I.P.).

Limited to 100 copies on Extreme Yellow tape + 200 copies on Hateful Red tape. Comes with detailed liner notes about all the songs from frontman and mastermind Cab Castervall! Recommended for fans of Sadus, Dark Angel, Artillery, Sabbat, early Kreator etc.

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