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Jawbreaker Records welcomes DISARRAY

Jawbreaker Records are proud to welcome thrashers DISARRAY to the roster!

Just like when thrash was new, it’s a global crisis that underlies the new wave of young bands that blend the ethos of punk with the technical dexterity of the metal genre. The difference now is that the very epicenter of the movement has moved significantly closer to the mental precipice where climate crisis, pandemic, AI threats and terror wars make it impossible to numb one’s anxiety with video games or drugs. If Sweden became a hub for death metal when the decadent yuppie era of the 80s was on the autopsy table, Disarray was born right into the galloping chaos and disorder that defines a world in a state of dissolution. Since the start in 2022, Disarray has played extensively on Stockholm’s underground scenes and in the summer of 2023 released the mini-album “Evil is Reborn”, which caught the eye of both record companies and reviewers around Europe. Pre-production of a full-length album (to be released on Jawbreaker Records in 2024) has just begun. Disarray consists of: Lucas Lee (vocals and lead guitar), Valter Ernerot (guitar), Edvin Mossfeldt (bass), and Morgan Ottenvang (drums).

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