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Commando strikes again!

Rites of Damnation

Commando are back! Two years and a lot of gigs after the release of their 2-track demo tape in 2018 the band is finally ready to unleash their first EP. The EP contains 25 minutes of relentless heavy metal spread over 6 songs; four new anthems as well as rerecorded versions of the two hits from the now long sold-out demo tape. So regardless if you loved the first tape or missed the chance to get it, Rites of Damnation has something for you. Prepare to be crushed!

Limited to 200 copies (150 on Midnight Black tape and 50 on Shocking Blue tape). The cassette version is exclusively available through Jawbreaker Records, while the CD and LP versions will be out on High Roller Records.

This tape will be released on 2020-05-22 but the pre-order starts already today.

About the band
Commando plays dark heavy metal without remorse and comes from the deep woods of Värmland, Sweden. This young band is a fast rising star on the skies of heavy metal and have gone from nothing to signing a deal with High Roller Records in just a few years time. You can safely assume that this is just the beginning of their career.

Release date: 2020-05-22

Pre-order here!

Support the future of Swedish heavy metal!

No tracks from the EP are out yet, but here’s Slumbering Death from the 2018 tape:

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Krematorium and Commando tapes out now

Two new Jawbreaker releases have just been unleashed upon the world!

First out is Krematorium, a thrash band from Rijeka, Croatia that on their latest EP Altar of Lies has incorporated more of a speed metal sound into their music. The tape is out now on Jawbreaker Records and contains three tracks of furious speed/thrash. Limited to 100 copies on blood red tape.

Next up is Commando. This demo tape is their debut release and contains two tracks of darkened heavy metal. Limited to 100 copies on hellflaming orange tape.

Get your hands on JAW-016 and JAW-017 or die trying!

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