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Out today: Stormdeath and Rät King tapes

Greetings Jawbreakers! Today is the official release date for two new Jawbreaker releases: Stormdeath (thrashing heavy metal from Sweden) and Rät King (heavy/speed metal from Poland). Both albums are also out on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music etc) if you want to listen before you buy.

Rät King – We Are The Rät King

Jawbreaker Records are proud to introduce Rät King, a brand new heavy/speed metal band from Poland. These guys are young and hungry, something you can clearly hear on their debut EP, simply entitled We Are The Rät King. Limited to 200 copies on double-colored black/white tape.

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Stormdeath – Call of the Panzer Goat

Finally out on cassette! The second full-length album from Sweden’s masters of thrashing heavy metal. Recommended for fans of Exodus, early Metallica, W.A.S.P., Judas Priest…. well, everything metal basically. 100 copies on blood red tape and 200 copies on pitch black tape.

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