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Jawbreaker Records joins forces with MUSTANG!

Jawbreaker Records joins forces with MUSTANG from India. Mustang plays high octane Heavy Metal in the vein of the old masters and with vocals on par with the best US Metal singers from the 80s.

Jawbreaker Records will take care of the cassette edition of the debut album “Beyond Raging Thunder” – a 10 tracks long masterpiece containing high speed bangers, mid-tempo riff explosions, epic power ballads, and topped off with a outstanding cover of Judas Priest’s “Ram it Down”. Mustang surely didn’t play safe on their debut album, taking bold risks which is showcased by the vast soundscape of music covered on “Beyond Raging Thunder”.

In the words of label boss G.G. Sundin: “Speed metal furies and sing along bangers? Oh yeah! For the fans of Judas Fucking Priest, Mercyful Fate, Agent Steel and Crimson Glory? Fuck yes! Ram it Down cover!?!! Hell yeah!!”

Stay tuned for more info, and also keep a look out for the CD version out on Fighter Records and the vinyl version on Golden Core.

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