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Species – To Find Deliverance

Jawbreaker Records are proud to announce the release of SpeciesTo Find Deliverance on cassette tape.

Species is a technical thrash metal trio from Warsaw, Poland. Since the band’s inception in 2018 they have released an EP (The Monument of Envy) in 2019 and now their debut full-length album To Find Deliverance. Highly recommended listening for fans of Coroner, Toxik, Sadus, Xentrix, Vektor, and Death.

Limited to 50 copies on orange tape and 150 copies on blue tape. Both versions come with a digital download code.

Recorded and mixed by Igor Brzeski at Sunstorm Studio, Warsaw between January and September 2021. Mastered by Joel Grind.

Also available on CD via Awakening Records and on Vinyl LP via Ossuary Records.

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