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Out now: Knallpulver – Fundamentalt Systemhat

JAW-012 is out now!

This new cassette is the debut 4-track demo by brand new metalpunk band Knallpulver. This power trio from Gothenburg, Sweden is an infamous bunch of misfits consisting of Kalle Mossberg, Niclas Ingelman (Armory) and August Holmström (Armory).

Read on for a short interview with guitarist and songwriter Niclas “Ingelmeister” Ingelman.


Hail! Can you tell us the story behind Knallpulver and how the band came into being?

The story about Knallpulver begins a night at The Abyss [Gothenburg’s local heavy metal pub – Editor’s note] in April 2017. The singer Kalle who plays in pop band [!] nowdays wanted to scream and yell on some songs and asked if I had some project in mind. I told him that I had thought about writing some metalpunk-songs and it would be awesome if he would like to write some lyrics and do the vocals. After that I wrote 4 songs really quick and Kalle wrote the lyrics. Then we needed a drummer, so we just told August that he had to lay down some drums on the tracks. He had no choice then, so he did it. Everthing was recorded in the summer of 2017.

Should Knallpulver be regarded as a side-project or a full-fledged band? Will there be more releases and perhaps live gigs in the future, or is this a one-off release?

Knallpulver is a side-project, we have never even had a rehearsal. But I want to record more songs and do more releases, nothing planned right now but because it is a side-project I don’t feel any hurry. We haven’t really talk about any gigs, I think it would be fun to do at least. We will see when the first request comes in I guess…

Tell us about the name Knallpulver. How did you choose this name, what does it represent to you, and how would you describe its meaning to non-Swedish readers?

The name is awesome. Knall means bang, thats pretty cool and pulver means powder, pretty cool as well. So bangpowder becomes super cool.

The lyrics seems to be filled with satirical humor and with no small dose of social criticism. Any comments regarding the lyrics and how they should be interpreted?

Kalle wrote all lyrics and he describes it like this: “The lyrics have a genious balance between substance and humour. The kind of lyrics you feel compelled too like because you fear to be perceived as dumb or have lack of humour if you do not like them. The lyrics are like a more complete and mature literary version of Mulholland Drive and Dr. Strangelove.”

Finally, let’s talk about the actual music… What influences where incorporated in the writing of the songs? How would you yourself describe Knallpulver’s music?

Well at least I tried to do punk songs with the classic HM-2 guitar sound. I was influenced by a lot of Swedish crust acts such as Skitsystem, Disfear and Martyrdöd. But because I am a metalhead and love to play guitar it always comes in a lot of influence from heavy metal as well, especally in the guitar work. If you would like to spit in your boss’ face [who wouldn’t?], then Knallpulver would be the perfect soundtrack for it.

Anything you can tell us about the recording process?

The recording process went really easy. I recorded the guitar and bass at home and then re-amped it in a rehearsal room with a real amp. The drums was also recorded in the rehearsal room and was done by an evening. And after that we just recorded the vocals one evening there as well. Then I mixed and mastered it and everything was done. Went really fast and smooth.

Thanks for answering these questions. Any final words?

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