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Nidhöggr – Draugr

Jawbreaker Records are hereby proud to announce the first release for 2018: Draugr by the  Swedish black metal band Nidhöggr!

Also check out this interview with Nidhöggr mainmain Hveðrungr.

The cassette will be out in January and will be strictly limited to 100 copies:

  • 50 copies on raven black tape.
  • 30 copies on mountain rock gray tape
  • 20 copies on crying steel silver tape.

Listen here!

Taking pre-orders NOW through

1) Intro: Áðr verǫld steypiz
2) The Draugr
3) The Varangian
4) Outro: Mun engi maðr ǫðrom þyrma

Nidhöggr are:
Hveðrungr – Lead Guitars
Nox – Vocals
Hrym – Bass
Hrimgrimnir – Rhythm Guitars
Vánagandr – Drums

Stay tuned and keep on supporting the underground!

Nidhöggr on Bandcamp

Nidhöggr on Facebook

Nidhöggr on Metal Archives

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