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Mindless Sinner – Master of Evil

Jawbreaker Records are extremely proud to announce that Mindless Sinner – Master of Evil is now officially released. Shipping of all the pre-orders (thanks everyone!) has already begun, and for the rest of you: now is the chance to lay your hands on this masterpiece of Swedish heavy metal history. For a limited time only, both the yellow (limited to 100 copies) and the red (limited to 200 copies) will be available in the web shop for a special heavy metal price of 66,6 SEK.

It’s hard to believe, but remember that this is the first time EVER that ANYTHING by Mindless Sinner is officially released on cassette! So hurry up and get your copy while the stock lasts.

Swedish heavy metal legends Mindless Sinner need no further introduction. This is a official re-release of the band’s groundbreaking debut EP from 1983.  Limited to 100 copies on yellow tape and 200 copies on red tape. Never released on tape before.

Includes six rare bonus demo tracks (also recorded in 1983)! These tracks are previously only available on the 2003 CD re-release by Metal For Muthas.


  1. Broken Freedom
  2. Key of Fortune
  3. Master of Evil
  4. Screaming For Mercy
  5. Heavy Metal Will Never Die*
  6. Mindless Sinner*
  7. Taking My Life Away*
  8. Higher and Higher*
  9. We All Go Back*
  10. City Games*

*Bonus track.

This release has been made possible due to a collaboration with Night Crawler, who has contributed an awesome design for the release. Horns up!

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